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By frankov
Just saw a post on Facebook saying someone (based in Taiwan) was selling what SEEMS to be re-releases of Kenner's Fright Features line.

The packaging's age restriction matches Hasbro's classic line re-release. Sadly the image of the back of the card doesn't show the Hasbro logo. Anyone heard anything about this?

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By frankov
Timo wrote: December 14th, 2023, 12:07 pm I mean we've all seen them in the Hasbro video where they teased the Haslab stuff. Those were new figures with standee bubbles or whatever it's called
If you mean the Hasbro Pulse announcement video, they do show the Fright Features but they seemed to be the vintage ones. Sorry if it's already been announced, this is the first time I see images of the rereleases.
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By Fritz
Well, it is of note that Winston's last name is spelled right on the figure pictured. The original versions of the figures misspelled it "Zeddmore" (I think it was actually misspelled in the closing credits of Gb1, and the error propagated from there) Hasbro's reissues of the Series 1 figures fixed the error.

If there's a time they'd be thinking about it, a new movie coming down the pike would make sense.

Skeptical until I see something official from Hasbro though.
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By deadderek
Hasbro employee on Reddit confirms we really are getting the Fright Features figures. ... t/kdet4c5/

On a related note I'm a bit surprised to see the retro RGB line continue. My assumption after seeing them dumped at Ollie's is that the line wasn't exactly a money maker.
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I guess initial orders were high and they didn’t cost much to produce. The Ecto hung around for a while at a low price but I felt like sales were cannibalised by the Plasma Ecto and Lego Ecto. Maybe if they’d improved the details on it, it wouldve sold better.

I have an OG FF Egon boxed and FF Ray / Peter. But will probably sell and dip on these.
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By mrmichaelt
Hm, thematically makes sense as a loose-tie in to Frozen Empire. The FE trailer introduced the death chill, being scared to death. Fright Features is the kid-friendly take on it in a way. Gruesome Twosome kinda looks like the big bad(s)... Eh, ok that's reaching. :eyeroll:
By JonXCTrack
Fritz wrote:Only the four Ghostbusters are pictured so far. The original FF line had the first Janine figure ever made--but maybe Hasbro's going with the "Girl action figures don't sell" trope.
I really hope that is not the case. I never had the Fright Feature Janine or Slimer figures. If memory serves, these came out around the same time as the Haunted Human figures. I wonder if they'll do a reissue of those, too?
By Whirlygig
I have been finding these, but very sparsely and sporadically. All sightings were Target as I believe this is Target exclusive. The first sighting was 2 Winston and 1 Ray, but the cards were so smashed up I passed them up. They were gone from that Target within 2 weeks. Then this past week I hit 6 total Targets. In 3 smaller Targets that were in malls/strip malls, I found 1 figure at each of them -- a Peter, Egon (creased card), and Ray. I did pick those up. So now the hunt is on for Winston.

I sort of imagine these will maybe flood the shelves more evenly closer to the film; maybe they'll get an endcap like TMNT Mutant Mayhem did? But it does seem odd that I'm only finding a single figure at a time here and there, and some are in good shape while others are not.

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