Write a quick introduction to introduce yourself.
By Nadrarak
Hi all,

I'm Andre from Cologne Germany. and as my age of almost 49 would suggest I'm a fan since 85.

I've dabbled in cosplay and foamsmithing, bought myself the Spengler wand when it came out, had the Cannon knee pads on my watch list and snapped up a pair when they came up, but only decided to put together a full costume when I found out Frozen Empire would release on my birthday this year.

Now I'm anxiously awaiting a few deliveries (flight suit, patches etc.) while crafting some accessories like the belt fobs myself, and hoping I can put it all together in time for the movie. Oh yeah and try to break in my boots until then.

Since I'm not taking the wand into the cinema I'm not really thinking about the pack so far (except there's currently a cheap Alice Frame on eBay that I might take advantage of) and haven't decided which route I'm going to go. Since I've worked with EVA foam before I might try to start with the Lost Wax pattern and see if I like the look of it...
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