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This is in reference to "The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection" DVD box set from Time Life. I recall with the initial release, the DVDs came in steelbooks, but later releases switched to plastic. Firstly, was there a reason for the switch? Second, would there be a way to tell from the actual box on the outside which one you'd be getting if it was sealed?

Mostly just curious, but also thinking ahead if I was to maybe try to find a sealed one on the grey market at a reasonable price (HAHAHAHA), which would be the better choice.
Psycho Werekitsune wrote: April 2nd, 2024, 10:59 am From what I've seen, Time Life swapped out the steelbooks with plastic cases at some point. Here's an example:

Hm, might be a misleading video. At some point, Steelbooks and the plastic cases were sold but from what I remember sold separately and for the latter, they only released up to Vol. 3. So only the Steelbook versions made up to all volumes. The person might have just been storing his plastic cases in the Time Life firehouse box.
I've seen more than one example of this, it's even mentioned on the Wiki: ... VD_Box_Set

"Originally released in 5 individual Steelbooks cases; re-released in plastic Amaray cases of the same size and dimensions."

Here are more unboxing examples.

I remember reading the reason why years back, something to do with the steelbooks potentially damaging the discs maybe? Can't remember, but it'd be nice if there was a way to know from the box on the outside which version you're getting.
Sorry about that, I was misremembering. Spook Central has some insight into it: ... vd-box-set

"When the DVD box set was first released back in November 2008, the five smaller sets ("volumes") inside were each housed in a metal SteelBook™ case. When Vol 1. was released by itself in March 2009, it retained its Steelbook case from the box set. However, in early 2010 TimeLife begun the process of replacing the Steelbook metal cases with plastic cases that are of the same dimensions. It started with the individual release of Vol. 2 in January 2010, then within a few months after that the Complete Collection box set and the individual Vol. 1 started using the plastic cases, as well. The individual release of Volume 3 that followed was, of course, in a plastic case."

Seems in year 2 of release in 2010 is when Time Life switched to the plastic cases. I do recall that some of the the steelbooks do close pretty close to the discs. Could just been economies of scale, it got to expensive for Time Life to keep using Steelbooks and they switched to plastic cases to save money. You can only really just contact the seller and ask if it's Steelbooks or plastic cases or what year they bought theirs and hope they are honest.
Would be hard for them to know if their box set was sealed, hahaha. But I guess that answers that; there's no real way of knowing from the outside. Weird there's no copyright/trademark/whatever info on the box indicating Steelbook, since it's a brand.
I don't think even the original buyers would know. The average person wouldn't be aware of the change at all, and if so, there'd be no way of knowing what version they have if they never opened it. Even if they got it after the date the change was made, they could've still scored an earlier set that wasn't sold at the time.
That's also true, though how likely is that to happen? Studios have been releasing a lot of old shows straight to DVD with no consideration for a Blu-ray release, upscaled or otherwise. Also, it'd be very likely we'd get the cut of the show that went back and redubbed Peter and Janine's voices, plus it'd be pretty minimal on any extra features. The Time Life set is, as of now, the most definitive collection of the series.
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Really hoping they'll come out with players in the future with good A.I. upscaling

I have the Box set, I did enjoy the special features. Listening to guys who are still pissed decades later definitely shows the passion they had creating it. But that must be on YouTube . I'm not saying the box set isn't great, but I'm not sure it's worth pay ridiculous money, when there is a $25 set.

The steel cases do come up on eBay often. Id definitely pay $20-30 for each of them
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