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Hey there friends!

I had a bit of a silly question, but I would love to learn more about the Paranormal, and I was wondering if there happened to be good books for that purpose around? Things like the Necronomicon (which may be Gobbledygook, or it could be spittin' facts, I'm not here to dsicuss/judge that), Flying Saucers and Other Mysteries of the Universe, Mysterious Monsters, or Wonderful powers of the Human mind (those last three I got in my Possession, alas in dutch or I'd easily scan and post the picture in a collection somewhere for those interested)
I preferably would like to look for books that can be called encyclopedic or that recounts stories of "witnesses"

I was hoping to fill a small bookcase with stuff like that, if not to learn of, just to have a good read atleast

Hope any of y'all can help this Ghostbuster out!
Adding that it's a good start, but I'll warn you A History Of Ghosts is very dull.
I'm on my second attempt to read it and made it further than last time, but haven't picked it up in months.

You can also try:

Phantom Messages by William Hall
Psychic Photography: The Visual Proof by Hans Holzer
The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal by Judith Joyce
A History of the Undead by Charlotte Booth
A History of Spiritualism and the Occult in Salem by Maggi Smith-Dalton
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