By saxystantz
Hey everybody, this is my first post so let me know if I’m doing it wrong.
I have recently gotten the pack light kit off of here and wondered if how the vent light works. I only have the proton pack light kit, does the vent light only activate if paired with the sound board?
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By prodestrian
When you say you only have the proton pack light kit, do you mean you have the wand kit? ... light-kit/

I assume the vent light you're talking about is this one:

As far as I remember the wand kit doesn't receive any signals from the soundboard in the pack, it sends signals to tell the soundboard what to do. It's the "brain" of the whole pack. So whether or not you have a soundboard connected shouldn't make any difference.

If you check out the instructions PDF from the shop page you might find some useful info on how to configure the wand kit lights, it's possible you just need to adjust some of the DIP switches: ... ctions.pdf

If you're still not able to get the vent LED to light up, use the instructions to switch to Test Mode (using the potentiometer), where you can flip one of the switches to control the vent LED. If it works then it must just be a configuration problem. If it still doesn't light up, maybe there's a bad connection somewhere.
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