After months of this thing sitting on my worktable, I finally finished converting my HalloweenCostumes.com PKE into a somewhat better replica, however this was not a painless process. What I expected to be a simple transfer of electronics into a new shell turned into hours of re-soldering almost every connection on the board.

I did the motor mod on this one so I can control the wings, which is honestly where the trouble started. I did this mod once before, and it worked a lot easier the first time, so maybe I'm just out of practice. The worst part of this PKE is that an attempt to modify the silver buttons that cover the microswitches went awry. I thought I was using the buttons from the Rubie's PKE, since I figured I wouldn't be needing them for that shell anymore. Turns out I actually botched the ones meant for the shell I WAS using, which meant I didn't have a cover for the buttons anymore, since the covers that are on the Rubie's/Spirit round-handled model don't fit inside the square-handled HalloweenCostumes.com replica. I've come up with a temporary fix by sticking the actual switches through the holes and covering them with the grip tape to hide them.

Overall, I'm not super disappointed with how this turned out, but I would really like to fix that button issue. What does everyone else think?

(I also threw in a shot with some of my other Egon props.)

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Ah, I actually did some experimenting. The 8 pin jst connectors are interchangeable - but there's a difference in voltage for the Rubie's LED arms. So if you just swap then the display LEDs go dim except the last one.

I did a whole main board swap, and motor swap since it is smoother and quieter. I also switched out the AAA batteries for a 3.7v lithium battery. I added a small MP3 decoder board and loaded it with some PKE sounds and tied the playing and pausing functions to the same button to raise the arms.

Was a fun build!
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