Post pics of work in progress or to your fan art here on Ghostbusters Fans.
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By egb fan
I have added a Fanart page to my EGB fan site. All explanations, preamble etc. are there, as well as what I have managed to produce that I, at least, am happy with. At the time of posting, you can see:

'Spoons' (feat. Pagan, Kylie and Eduardo)
'The Juice' (feat. Garrett and Kylie)
'Graduation' (feat. Roland, Garrett, Kylie and Eduardo)
'Janine Says Relax' (feat. Egon and Janine)
'Changeover' (feat. Kylie and Eduardo)

Any new works will be added to the page as they come; I won't be updating here each time (but possibly in five more pictures' time... if I get that far!).
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By ghoulishfright
Sexy and spooktacular. I dig it. :crunch:
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By egb fan
Well, I'm back to update this thread after adding another five pictures to the Fanart page of my website, in case anyone's interested. If you are, thank you! On the date of posting, from the top (i.e. the opposite way round to my first list of five), you can see:

'Morning Coffee' (feat. Kylie and Eduardo) - content warning: moderate nudity
'In Homage to Dali' (feat. Eduardo and Kylie) - surrealist-inspired, suggestive
'Spring Break 1999' (feat Garrett, Kylie(ish), Eduardo(ish) and Roland)
'Kylie's Adventures Underground' (feat. all the main cast plus Pagan)
'Friction' (feat. Eduardo and the ghost of a character from another cartoon)
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