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By EduArdPc
Long story short...
Born in 1982 in Barcelona (Spain), I love all the 80's and 90's pop culture, that's why back in 2016 I started making my Rebel Legion and 501st legion Star Wars costumes... After having 7 approved costumes, I decided to stop.
Throughout these years, I met many people from all over the world with costumes from Star Wars and other franchises, that's why I wanted to continue my mid 40's crisis with a GB1 costume.
I've spent some time lurking the internet for pictures and data to start my costume as cheap as possible, and I am very happy with all what I found. Won't be 100% canon, but I did my best to have a pretty cool costume.

BTW, no clue if I am allowed to share links from the places I bought my pieces (mostly Aliexpress), but I think this would be handy for those people who, like me, are thinking in making their own costume. So firstly, let me know this.

For my 3D parts, I have a Creality Endor 3 3Dprinter, but I ordered 2 pieces to a guy with a bigger printer, so I could have a one piece part, but unfortunately, the guy split the pieces so he could save on some plastic... So I basically threw 75 EUR, because with about 10, I'd be able to print it myself with better quality.

But let's stop talking and let's start with some pics I have stored. I am still working on that, so I'll be uploading pics whenever I can. Let me know if you like it and how to improve it, so I can fix it.

The picture is of mostly all the parts printed.

Talk to you soon guys!
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By EduArdPc
I did use Stefan's proton pack files from thingiverse, plus I did some mashups and some modifications on these files.
Current proton pack 3D printed parts list is:
  • Booster parts (printed by other guy) Had to reprint the cilinder myself.
  • Bumper parts (printed myself)
  • Centercover parts (printed by other guy)
  • Cyclotron parts (printed myself with texturized surface)
  • Gearbox parts (printed myself)
  • Gunmount parts (printed myself)
  • HGA parts (printed myself)
  • Powcel parts (printed by other guy)
  • Spacer parts (printed by other guy)
Aliexpress parts (TOTAL 31,59 EUR - should have for at least 2 proton packs):
  • M5 Brass Nuts for 3D Printer (50PCS, M5xL5xOD7) - 3,83 EUR
  • 10Pcs/lot Miniature Toggle Switch MTS-102 SPDT 6A 125VAC/3A - 2,51 EUR
  • 10Pcs 7mm Thread Multicolor 2 Pins Momentary Push Button Switch - 2,27 EUR
  • 10 Pieces Pneumatic Air Connector 4mm Hose Fitting 1/8" Thread - 2,91 EUR
  • 10 Pieces 4.1mm Cable Gland Connector Rubber Cable Protector 1,22 EUR
  • Blue Food Grade Flexible Silicone Rubber Hose Pipe Connector ID 4mm (1 Meter) - 0,84 EUR
  • Red Food Grade Flexible Silicone Rubber Hose Pipe Connector ID 4mm (2 Meters) - 1,68 EUR
  • Yellow Food Grade Flexible Silicone Rubber Hose Pipe Connector ID 4mm (1 Meter) - 0,84 EUR
  • Green Food Grade Flexible Silicone Rubber Hose Pipe Connector ID 4mm (1 Meter) - 0,84 EUR
  • 2 pieces Mikalor 304 Stainless Steel Rubber Lined P Clips Cable Mount Hose Pipe Clamp 26MM - 2,17 EUR
  • 5 pieces 4mm OD Hose PL Pneumatic Connector 1/8"Male Pneumatic Thread Pipe Elbow Connector Tube - 1,67 EUR
  • 1 Meter Dupont 40 Pin IDC Flat Strip Rainbow Jumper Cable 40 Pin 1.20mm Pitch Connector - 2,89 EUR
  • Smart Electronics Kits Water Flowing LED Light Module NE555+CD4017 Electronic Principles Learning Lab for Kids - 1,21 EUR (this I think will be temporary)
  • 20 Pieces Metal Swivel Buckle for Loose Lobster Clasps D Shape Buckle - 3,19 EUR
  • 2 pieces Vibration Rumble Motors for Xbox360 - 3,52 EUR
I really think adding the linked to the exact product would be pretty useful, but won't do it unless I get confirmed it is ok to do so.
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