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By troy_225
Does this mean I got the gold partical thrower? Here is the add ons it says I recieved. I bought the game and will be getting ps vr2 later. Just wanted to know if I got the gold particle thrower. I bought the game the day it came out. Wish I did it a day earlier
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By mrmichaelt
ccv66 wrote:How fun is it. Is it worth getting or waiting until it goes on sale?
I tried it at a cousin's place this weekend. It was my first time playing a VR headset game and I did get a little nauseous which was weird because I'm not the type that gets sick on carnival rides nor do I get seasick. But once I "adjusted" - it was actually pretty fun but sort of like Spirits Unleashed, if you're the type to get bored quick.... But this is VR and different mission types create some variety SU doesn't have. But you can finish the game in a day like SU. Idk, if you got the dough go for it... but then again, the holidays are coming so there might be a discount price soon. (and fyi, I'm not an active gamer anymore) Like say I was handed $400 but had to choose either a VR set and this game or funding the HasLab, I'd choose the latter...
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By ccv66
Yeah I have to get some ginger chews and a fan in face or I get pretty sick in VR. Spirits unleashed and haslab both felt like they were made by die hard Ghostbusters fans, I didn't get that impression from ghost lord. I much rather gotten spirits unleashed or 2009 GB in VR.. I'll wait to black Friday, see if it goes on sale
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By mrmichaelt
ccv66 wrote: October 29th, 2023, 9:31 pm Yeah I have to get some ginger chews and a fan in face or I get pretty sick in VR. Spirits unleashed and haslab both felt like they were made by die hard Ghostbusters fans, I didn't get that impression from ghost lord. I much rather gotten spirits unleashed or 2009 GB in VR.. I'll wait to black Friday, see if it goes on sale
Ha, I use ginger tea.

I think in a way Ghost Lord could be good for entry level fans that are just getting into Ghostbusters and aren't beholden to the past 40 years of content or really just need a game to play on their Meta or Playstation VR.
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By SpaceBallz
Man, Ray Parker Jr. must REALLY be tightening the screws on the GB theme. This game uses a cover knock-off from a Halloween Party CD.
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By mrmichaelt
11/2: I either this month or next month, the first free DLC will include two new game modes: Heist & Seek and Infestation. The latter will be familiar because it was the 2nd mission of the game when you go to Hookfaber Factory and deal with a Nest Monster. In Heist & Seek, you pursue the ghosts of three bank robber brothers but the catch is if a player goes down during the mission, the player who revives them gets their money. ... ame-modes/

11/13: Patch 1.1 released on Tuesday, October 31. ... 750962513/
We’re listening to the feedback from our community. Patch 1.1 includes key quality-of-life improvements and critical bug fixes for Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord. We're going to continue to grow and refine the gameplay experience.
Fixes in this update:
*Fix for ghosts getting stuck in the geo or spawning outside walls.
*Bug fix for HQ not appearing despite having audio.
*Fix for Dark Shoals spawning in an invisible state and blocking progress in Harvester or On the Clock missions.
*Fix for the ghost containment unit where ghosts you have trapped in a level should now appear in the unit at HQ.
*Fix for a crash that could occur in the Factory Infestation onboarding mission when a player walks over the moving conveyor belt.
* Audio levels for secondary equipment have been adjusted.
*Bruiser audio improved.
*Bruiser now takes damage from secondary weapon (turret).
*Optimized multiplayer joining and exiting missions.
*Additional bug and performance fixes.
11/15: Heist & Seek mode releases on Thursday the 16th. ... 3209592919

Also a Buster Bundle #1 with a Keymaster skin and Gator Proton Pack and Particle Thrower (already in the Full Containment Edition if you bought that) ... 0335534335

11/16: Patch 2.0 notes ... 082724917/
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By mrmichaelt
To anyone who owns this game and can grab an image somehow, I heard on the Golden Gate Bridge there's a Gustav Hookfaber museum and in one corner there's a timeline of events of some sort. If you post that timeline, mucho appreciated!
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By mrmichaelt
Infestation mode will be formally added on December 15 (so that ups it to 62 total missions) and 99.9% likely it's just like the Intro Hookfaber Factory mission. Look like 3 new costumes, including the Stay Puft one, and a patch. So I guess it's Patch 3.0 essentially. At some point, two more packs/throwers will be added. One is blue, one is purple (unless you bought Full Containment and have it already?)

EDIT: Looked at the Rise site and they have the Buster Bundle #2 and separates listed already. Costumes are Spinners (another Afterlife nod nice!), Grill, Suits, and Mascot. The two packs are called Bones and Souls.

In January, the next mode will be added and it is "narrative infused," the Slimer Hunt. The original jump suits from the ’80s films will be added and pitted against Slimer for a “darker and a bit scarier” mode.

Then there will be a major update headed in March 2024. The ? tease is in the style of the FE frozen logo.
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By mrmichaelt
To anyone who owns this game and can grab an image: I'm looking for shots of the Stats screen on the Containment Unit files for Dark Shoal, Googly, Pinny, Bruiser, and Electro-Rat or Tips for Electro-Rat.

If they even exist: Variant tab for Lost Soul, Puffer, Electro-Rat, or Dark Shoal, Stats tab for Banshee or Ghost Lord, Tips tab for Ghost Lord?

Much appreciated! (and you'll get a credit on the wiki)
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By mrmichaelt
Unless ndreams being acquired by another company caused a delay, the Slimer Hunt DLC should be out by the 31st since it was advertised as coming out this month and we're running out of January, lol. Last 2 DLCs came out on a Thursday and a Friday though.
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By mrmichaelt
There was an AMA this morning. Not much but on the Slimer Hunt other than 'coming soon,' but it was said: ... 0741271663

-You’ll see with Slimer Hunt how the story connects with the Ghostbusters in New York and we intend our future DLC to similarly connect with events from the movies. We have no plans to directly mimic movie scenes.

-Yes, we have already started adopting a more serious tone in our work since the December patch. ‘Slimer Hunt’ is the next content release and we’ve tried to make it more faithful to the original movie in terms of tone. That includes dialing back the combat and dialing up exploration and investigation. The colour palette is more muted and of course it has a ghost you’ll be more familiar with.

Coinciding with the release of Slimer Hunt are flight suits for all our standard characters so you can get closer to the feeling that Egon, Ray and Peter had going up against the ugly spud for the first time.
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By mrmichaelt
Slimer Hunt has gone live.

-Takes place in Hookfaber Mansion
-Scan ectoplasm and track down Slimer to the basement
-Dan Aykroyd reprises Ray and guides players through the mission
-Original flightsuit from GB1 and dark flightsuit from GB2 and 3 from RGB are available
-Slimer is a playable avatar

Developer update #2

EDIT: Some of the common critiques I'm seeing is Slimer Hunt was too simple or too short.
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Next DLC is March 28. ... -march-28/

The Story
-There’s a new threat in New York – Garraka, the terrifying ancient demi-god who’s been trapped in an object not unlike one that Hookfaber brought to the Ghostbusters years ago. So, who does Ray call in this moment of need? You!
-What secrets does Hookfaber’s past hold? What did he know about trapping ghosts in objects? To solve these mysteries, you’ll head back to San Francisco where you’ll discover that Garraka’s powers have extended through the etheric plane, affecting locations and ghosts in ways that make everything more dangerous! Get ready for icy obstacles blocking your path, essential equipment freezing over, and powerful icy attacks from ghostly enemies.

The Details
-Five new narrative-infused missions that see you working as a team for none other than Dr. Ray Stantz
-Frozen Empire mission pack begins with a trip to New York where you’ll be briefed in person by Ray at the Firehouse.
-You’ll be able to explore both inside the firehouse and outside on the rooftop, and interact with parts of the scenery – yes, you can slide down the fire poles
-Original Proton Packs are playable
-New invention from Lars called Heat Beam
-Lars, Podcast, and Lucky will be added as playable avatars part of the Frozen Empire update
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A grasshopper walks into a bar... :) Welcome!

I like the hole placement on the N-filter!

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