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By eastern57
Hello all,

Here are my custom "Ghostbusters-Inspired" props. Full disclaimer: I have this weird thing where I like to make my own versions of said something. So, forewarned, they're different. ;)

I used lightsaber and blaster effects modules by Plecterlabs, which means they all have lights and sound, so check out the videos to see them in action.

Custom PKE Meter

- aluminium body
- PlecterLabs Crystal Focus version 9 with custom sounds
- Adafruit CPX running sound meter
- various LEDs

*The "motion tracker" sounds were added because the whole thing kind of reminded me of a motion tracker from Aliens...


Custom Proton Pack with integrated trap, plasma tube and fiber optic cable

- Plywood, MDF, EVA foam, sintra, aluminium & brass bits
- PlecterLabs Blaster Core and two Crystal Focus v9s
- 12v 18" Plasma tube
- 12mm & 3mm fiber optic
- various LEDs and bargraphs
- 12v solenoid 10mm-throw

*Also kind of inspired by Aliens universe, although the aesthetic is a little lacking. I did, however add some Weyland-Yutani stickers in subtle places.


I'm just a part time hobbyist, so I don't do commission work. sorry :(
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By eastern57
Thanks guys! Yeah, as much as I wanted an Aliens-universe thing, I'm kinda digging the fallout thing. I may have to come up with some fallout sounds.

Here's some more descriptive talk of the pack and stuff... like my thought process, different gun sounds, me being an idiot, blah blah. I explain the trap mechanism towards the end. The other gun sounds are Ice Projector, which is a freeze gun-type thing and M-41A (pulse rifle); they came from past projects.


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By BRD 527
I like the weyland yutani sticker on the trap lol :)
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By eastern57
BRD 527 wrote: January 19th, 2020, 8:57 am I like the weyland yutani sticker on the trap lol :)

Thanks. There's actually a few scattered about. In addition to the one under the trap, there's one hidden between the upper and lower sections, a full Weyland/Yutani logo on the bottom, and a Colonial Marines on the front of the mother board.

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By Macktacular
Those are some really cool designs that look at home in either universe. There's tons of stuff I liked, but one thing that sticks out is your pack design, specifically the cyclotron being to one side rather than in the center. It's a very neat design that still looks the part but is also really unique and fun.
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By eastern57
Thanks man! :love:

Here's one last one. I diverted a little towards the Fallout "post-apocalyptic wasteland" aesthetic this time, just because of the already-beat-to-crap look of everything.

Plus, tell me a post-nuclear-war Fallout isn't the most target-rich environment for a Ghostbuster, eh? :lol:

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By Logan Cade
Awesome props! You've been busy!
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By eastern57
Lol! Moderate to low... but mostly because I had a few weeks of weird shifts at work, more down time.

Also, All-Con is coming up, and I wanted to be ready. Although I think I may have misjudged my timeline. :-P
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By eastern57
Quick montage video of the build process, it's got some WIP shots and clips. I just ran the music slide show feature on my phone, and it spit this out - win! :-D8):mrgreen:

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By eastern57
Custom PKE Meter for Tamara Chambers of Channel Awesome for her Ghostbuster Velma mash-up cosplay.

Sintra box, aluminum handle, bottle caps, PVC tube, other repurposed trash greebles... no complex electronics, just direct drive static and flashing LEDs, and 3 aaa batteries.

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By eastern57
This post may contain an affiliate link that helps support when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Pre-apologies for the quasi-necro-post

I made a Ghostbusters themed cabinet to house all my gear. It's a converted bar cabinet that I gutted and painted.
Bar Cabinet: ... =UTF8&th=1

Overall, it took me about 5 or 6 weekends to finish. A full two of those weekends were entirely spent on painting the outside because my stubborn-self wanted to paint over the textured material... I questioned my sanity and said a lot of swear words, but I think it was worth it... I like the way it turned out... It's very "Egon's Barn"...

The electronics were pretty straight forward. Most everything runs off a 12V block, with the MP3 player on a single 18650... just because it squeals like me on a rollercoaster if you feed it anything more than 4V. The lights, amp, door lock, and RF receivers all run off 12V.
12V Battery: ... UTF8&psc=1
MP3 Player: ... ct_details
15W Amp: ... UTF8&psc=1
3ch RF remote: ... UTF8&psc=1
Electric Door Lock: ... UTF8&psc=1
Green 12V COB LED strip: ... =UTF8&th=1
3" 30W speakers: ... ct_details

The part that surprised me the most was how well the Quick Release ALICE frame worked out. I used hood locks that I found on Amazon and they worked beautifully! They're secure, but easy to attach and release. So if you're looking for a way to stash your ALICE frame - I totally recommend these. ... ct_details
Quick Release Frame Demo:


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By eastern57
This post may contain an affiliate link that helps support when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Don't know if anyone has seen this (I posted it about a year ago), but here is a nifty idea for a quick-release option for ALICE frames.

My pack has gotten a wee bit heavier since then, it'a about 14.5 lbs (6.5kg / 1 stone) now - still holds just fine. ... UTF8&psc=1

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