Hey all, just had a blast wearing my cosplay and gear at MCM London. One issue I had about a week prior was this:

Now this hasn't affected functionality, thankfully, but this port...cover...thing just keeps popping out and isn't very secure. Was it just glued on and should I just do that to repair it, or am I missing something? Also, has this happened to anyone else?
Sorry that happened to yours. Mine seems ok so far. Glue or a 5 minute epoxy may be your best friend in this instance.
Possibly also use 2 longer screws on either side of the small cap restraining screw to drive into the plastic more ?
There were never any screws in there, which is why I was so confused by the placement of those holes. The part that popped out is sealed on the outside, so you'd have to drill through it to get some screws in. I guess I'll try some glue and hope it does the trick, I was just worried it might damage the frame.

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