By Unfinished
I've seen the GB1 thread, but does anyone know the exact size am dimensions of the Ecto-1A decals?

The front doors, the hood, and the back door all look to be a different size. Built a regular Ecto-1 several years ago, and I've always regretted getting the decals wrong.

Much appreciated!
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By prodestrian
I'm not sure if the answer is there, but it's worth following Kip Marshall and his Ultimate 84/89 decals project: ... RvYmVuYWdx

I believe he's working on an updated version of the 89 decals, he did have them for sale but I don't know if the dimensions were mentioned in the listing. Given how ridiculously accurate his work is, he's probably one of the only people I'd trust to know the correct dimensions.

You could also DM him and see if he can give you the info (or get a quote/preorder for his next run of door decals).

Earl Hayes Press made the originals, so this might also be helpful for you: ... 1a-decals/

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By Troy
Hey there...

Directly from the 1A car before it was converted in Afterlife:

Hood Logo: 14" Tall (Top of fingers to bottom of foot), 12" wide (at widest point of logo)
Side Door Logo: 17" Tall (Top of fingers to bottom of foot)
Rear Cargo Door Logo: 18" Tall (Top of fingers to bottom of foot)
Caution Striping: 3" Tall
"We Believe You" Text: 4" Tall
JL5 Phone Number (Underneath): 3" Tall (both the "We Believe You and Phone Number" are 7" combined top to bottom, and 20" wide left to right)
Call Us Script Font: 4" Tall

And in case you need it, the window tinting strips are 7" tall in the windows as well
Call JL5-2020 on Passenger Side Rear: 7" Tall, 29" Wide from Left to Right

Hope that helps!
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