By jle2199
I recently saw a post on Facebook that I wish I'd screenshot because it was talking about how someone came up with their files for a 3D printed RGB pack and where they got their measurements. There was mention of some form of Real Ghostbusters guide that had dimensions or at least something it could be scaled off of.

I'm a bit ambitious, I haven't realized how much of an undertaking the pack actually will be as it has to have a PKE meter and wand attached yet...

Regardless, has anyone come across this mythical guide?
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By Kingpin
There's a few annotated fan-made plans out there, but there isn't anything that was officially produced for the cartoon which had measurements, as they wouldn't have needed them.

You could always use the plans for the movie-style Packs, and scale drawings of the Real Ghostbusters Pack up to roughly fit them.
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By RonnyT07
I’ve been working on a scratch built RGB pack for a few months now. Photos and videos are on Facebook in the RGB Pack builders group. Message me there and I’ll gladly send you what I’ve got.


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