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Namssorg wrote: June 6th, 2024, 6:35 pm I wish we could see a distressed vs. new photo. I’d love a distressed one, but not TOO distressed. So I’m unclear on what to order. What version is shown in the teaser video?
The video shows the distressed version. These will be distressed-to-order, so you could request a heavier or lighter distressing (just include that in the comments section of your order). There are photos of the "clean" version on our website: ... p-741.html

Bootlegger137 wrote: Out of curiosity, when will the credit card charge go through…immediately or at time of shipping?
Your card would be charged immediately to secure your spot. We've already sold half of the first run!
Thank you for the clarity! I jumped the gun and preordered a clean one, but after seeing the video really wish I had gone with the aged - I e-mailed you about bumping my order up to aged, hopefully that's possible. It looks perfect! It's been so fun watching this project take form. Really beautiful!

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