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By GBFans
This topic was created to leave feedback for: RJ Umowski.

Other names:
-Dimensional Fabrictaions
-Freaky Geeky

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By thegreenmachine
sg1star - Bought 2 completed trap holsters, 2 proton gun hooks, and various vector trap plates. Everything met or exceeded high expectations. The gun hooks cost more than the "dixie" cup stuff, but they are totally worth it.
By irricanian
SG1star Purchased vector plate set from him, received them in damaged condition (poorly packaged) which really did not impress me considering the gross overcharge for postage ($8.00 when it cost $0.90). I contacted him to complain not only about the damage but the overcharge in postage. He got smart with me and said he would not re-imburse my postage but would send me a replacement set FOC. I have emailed him several times and he always has an excuse ready to fire back. Last one was the mail machine ate it and couldn't deliver it , oddly enough he got it back??? He said he would send it back out to me, so I waited again. Still no package, emailed him and got the story about the hospital and his father. That is unfortunate and I'm not a heartless bas#$rd so I gave him more time. Still waiting..... I would recommend that anyone thinking of buying from this guy would rethink it, you might as well take your money out and set fire to it :( Very poor businessman!

Sorry if you don't like my comments but facts are facts.

Finally got my parts from SG1star.
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By BSjohnson
Hmm. I've heard the stories about RJ not being the best in customer service. However, I can only speak from my own personal experience. I bought a PKE faceplate from him a while back on eBay. He shipped it out quick, and I recall good communication through eBay and PayPal.

And the faceplate is excellent quality. It fit perfectly on both my original Iona shoe polisher and my resin cast.
By ice11red
I paid for some items awhile ago (PKE plates and trap holster). He said he had the items ready to ship, but everytime I talked to him, there was an excuse for not being able to send it out. This was also at the time that his dad was starting to go in and out of hospital, I figured he could use the extra couple of bucks from my order. Eventually everytime I talked to him, he either forgot to send out the box, or he had to go to the hospital with his dad. I felt bad, really didnt need the stuff THAT bad so I let time go by, then there were rumors of him being in the hospital. I just chalked it up as loss, figured if this all was infact true, he needed the money more then I did for bills and stuff. Hopefully things are better with him.
By Goosebuster
Bought one of his custom made gun barrel collars.

Made exactly to my measurements.

Awsome work.

Let me know what was going on through every step of the order.

Shipped to the U.K soo quickly too.

Will be using again in the future :grin:
By Borzou
Bought a replica ghost trap from him with holster. The trap is awesome and has kept together despite dropping a dozen times for the last few halloweens.
By jimbo7
I just wanted to say that umoribawar offers excellent products! I just got my ion arm end and it looks great. The price was very reasonalbe and fast shipping! Will be doing business with him again.
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By pchrisbosh1
I ordered a set of gun knobs from him and have to say they were beautiful, really great work and got them very quickly i highly recommend this seller for any of your metal pack or wand needs thanks.
By Cole Funstuff
Great guy! Just received my knobs in 3 business days and man are they beautiful (and spot on accuracy wise). RJ is one of those people with an eye for detail that makes his parts amazing. He has also always been there to answer any questions I have about anything prop related making him an all around great guy people should look to for parts.

I also got a PKE shell and some other parts in the past so I've been dealing with him for a couple years now. While some might have negative things to say about his service, he has always come through and I am for sure to go back to him in the future.

Thanks man!

By thor2015
All I have to say is I wish more sellers were like Umori.

I placed my order for a set of side discs this morning and sent payment. By lunch time the very same day, I was notified that the discs had shipped and also had a tracking number. The post office confirms that the package has been received by them (not just a tracking number pending in their system) so now it is in their hands. I will be sure to post on the actual items themselves once received. However I think the quick turnaround time, great communication and the inclusion of a tracking number right from the get go speaks volumes. Thank you!

By thor2015
As promised, here is my update.

The knobs are VERY well made and arrived today in perfect shape. I am VERY pleased with them. Worth every penny I paid. Thank you!
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By kind2311
Had a barrel collar made and got a set of gun knobs too. both are perfect.

RJ kept communication open throughout the whole process too.

fast shipping etc.

thanks RJ!
By jt001
I'd like to chime in.

To fellow members considering orders from umoribawar:
I placed an order a few days ago with him for a few parts and I've could've not asked for a better transaction. Updates were received all the time and his service is OUTSTANDING. I highly, highly, highly recommend doing business with umoribawar. Not only his attention to detail and customer service are incredible but how he goes that extra mile to help out a customer out tells a lot about how much he cares for his clients. Constant updates were in my inbox on a regular basis. Not only that, but he also took the time to put photos of the updates. Even tho I only spent a few bucks, he treated me as if I had spent thousands! Great guy to deal with!

To umoribawar:
I really can't thank you enough Thanks for such a smooth transaction and for all the help you've given me. It really was a pleasure doing business with you! All the best to you!
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By Libtechinit
I ordered 2 sets of the gun side disks and 4 of the banjos from Umorii and they are amazing, beyond expectation. Great prices, fast shipping and he replied to all my questions very quickly. Could not have asked for a better transaction.

Thanks again Umorii!!
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By mburkit
I ordered a full front handle assembly for the neutrona wand from Umoribawar. He custom made it to twist for me, just like in GB1. It turned out amazing! Great craftsmanship and he worked with me on getting what I wanted right.

Thanks again!
By RedSpecial
I ordered a GB1 style V-hook and Ion arm cap.
they arrived well packaged and are absolutely flawless.
RJ's Customer service is second to none, his prices and unbelievable,he answered any questions i had very quickly and kept me updated on the status of my order constantly.

Ill definately be placing another order in the near future.

Thanks RJ :crunch:
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By Ron Daniels
RJ built a trap holster to my custom specs and it was here in a little under a week. Great quality, great product. Quick shipping, and he communicated with me constantly.

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