Our friends at Gamer Graffix have sent us a first look at the new Consol Skins and Wall Graffix. As we reported yesterday Gamer Graffix was in the final stages of aquiring a license to make Ghostbusters Wall Graffix and Video Game console skins. We have been given a first look at the new products up for sale:


Skins are high-quality, graphic designs made of proprietary materials that are easily peeled and readily applied to videogame consoles and other electronic devices using a specially-formulated adhesive. Skins undergo a high-resolution printing and patented doming process to produce sharp and colorful designs that are flexible, washable and have a thickness of 35 Mils. Gamer Graffix's unique adhesive enables consumers to remove the Skin without voiding the manufacturer warranty of gaming consoles or other electronic devices.
This is the first time I've even considered getting skins for my consoles. That Slimer one is so cool on the Wii that I might just have to do it. It reminds me of the unused RGB boxset concept art (which I was in the minority originally voting for, although the Firehouse was definitely the way to go it turned out).

Vonder wrote:I'd rather put a sticker that would "turn" my console into a ghostbusters device looking one...
That would be cool, but I reckon it would only look good if it was an older game console. I remember wishing I could decal my gamecube to look like a ghost trap.(the hand grip on the side of the small cube made me look at it weird) Then again, you could maybe mod the xbox360 to look like a protection grid or something...

I reckon of these 2 designs, I'd go for the stay puft one for my ps3. The slimed console decal wouldn't look as good if you didn't have the console standing upright.
AJ Quick wrote:Exclusive

Brand New Skin available soon.. here is the preview for Wii.
wii gb containment 550.jpg
Damnit... how am i supposed to hold on to my money when they keep coming out with this awesome stuff for me to buy? I really like that!! Love that they used the Muon trap name.

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