Ghostbusters Fans in association with Atari will be giving away select Ghostbusters: The Video Game merchandise to followers of GBFans on Twitter. There are a load of items up for grabs including T-Shirts, Pens, Stay Puft Stress Toys, Containers of Slime and more! Winners will be selected at random from a group of people who comply with these specific guidelines on Twitter:

-Follow @gbfans on Twitter.
-Post this on your Twitter: Follow @gbfans for the Latest Ghostbusters News, Trivia, Quotes and More!
-Participate in #ghostbustersfriday by posting your favorite GB quote with: #ghostbustersfriday @gbfans

You can also recommend us for #followfriday and get others to follow us. Our goal is to get more followers on Twitter while giving away some awesome GB Game Merch! This contest will end July 1st and Winners will be contacted via Twitter.

Retweet this: Win Cool Ghostbusters Video Game Merch from @gbfans on Twitter. More info here: http://bit.ly/IpphA
Icedhope wrote:I don't have a lot of friends on twitter, but I posted it.
Soon you will be able to find more friends on twitter by using GBFans. See this thread here: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 55&t=12058
joeghostbuster wrote:I guess Im out of the running for this contest, because I refuse to be one of those twitter people, myspace and facebook is as far as I go...
That's too bad. Hundreds of people have already met several of the entrance requirements... so there are plenty of people to win.
AJ Quick wrote:-Follow @gbfans on Twitter.
[check] Already doing that.
AJ Quick wrote:-Post this on your Twitter: Follow @gbfans for the Latest Ghostbusters News, Trivia, Quotes and More!
[check] Just did that.
AJ Quick wrote:-Participate in #ghostbustersfriday by posting your favorite GB quote with: #ghostbustersfriday @gbfans
Don't have a clue how to do that.

Do you have to do all three in order to be eligible? Does two out of three count?
It should be:

"Are you a god?" #ghostbustersfriday @gbfans

The key thing that is kinda pissing me off right now is that no one knows how to properly do #followfriday or #ghostbustersfriday. The keyword in those is Friday. You only do it on Fridays... and today is Tuesday..

I will not count it and will throw your name out of the hat if you do a Friday thing on any other day of the week. The key goal of this is to get you guys interacting with @gbfans (and other users) several times during the week.

Just cutting and pasting the guidelines isn't going to cut it.
Thanks for the clarification, AJ.

Don't worry, I'll only do it on Friday. Do I need to do it every Friday from now until July 1st, or will once be enough?

Should the quote just come from the first movie, or is quoting the second movie, RGB, EGB, and maybe even the game, good too?

Sorry to be such a pest with all of these questions. I just want to make sure that I have everything straight.
You should do it every friday for the rest of your life! Its a thing we have been doing every friday for quite a while now. Everyone says their favorite GB Quotes.

And it can be from anything GB..
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