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By kind2311
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The jumpsuits used in Ghostbusters are very similar, if not the same as the standard military CWU 27/P Flyer's Coveralls. The suits used in the first film were made from a tan/khaki ripstop fabric but have not been confirmed as being either military surplus or a custom-made prop. The suits in Ghostbusters II were custom made by Flightsuits Ltd. and were made of a Khaki-colored material with a unique herringbone pattern. Almost nothing is known about the dark gray suits that were seen briefly in the montage and end credits. The color of the suits in the first film has been the subject of controversy for as long as fans have been making Ghostbusters props. Although they are primarily tan in color, throughout much of the first film they appear to be almost gray. This has given rise to the belief that the suits where tan and had been dyed or even "overdyed" with gray. Others feel that the suits were tan and appear gray due to ambient lighting and the type of film used to make the movie. Some feel that just like the proton packs, there may have been hi quality clean hero-grade tan suits for close-ups, and darker, more gray "stunt" suits that were used which required the suits to appear very used and dirty.

Click here for jumpsuit reference pictures

There are 3 different grades of flight suits that can be used to replicate the originals.

CWU 27/P Flyers Coveralls

Image The CWU 27/P Flyers Coverall is the flightsuit that is currently issued to US Military pilots and is the most accurate flightsuit available in terms of screen-accuracy. The suits are made in only 2 colors, Sage Green and Desert Tan, the latter being the accurate color. They run anywhere from $30 for used ones on eBay to $200 for brand new ones. They include all the features of the original suits with the exception that most have black paint on the zipper pulls, which if removed will usually reveal brass. These suits are a very mellow shade of khaki and do not usually require any dying, which is a good thing as Nomex material contains no cotton or polyester, instead they are composed of synthetic meta and para-aramid fibers, designed to make the material heat-resistant, but also making it nearly impossible to dye beyond anything but a very light gray tint. Nomex material is heavy and does not breathe as well as other materials making these suits kind of stuffy in warm or muggy weather. Also, they are designed by chest size not waist, and they only go up to a 52 making them unwearable by large or overweight individuals.

The best place to purchase this type of flightsuit online is eBay. They are easily found by searching using the keywords "Flight Suit Tan"

See these search results for example

Click here for a pic of a Nomex CWU 27/P in real life.

Tru-Spec 27-P Flightsuit
ImageThe Tru-Spec 27P is considered to be the happy medium of flightsuits. It combines the features and benefits of a CWU 27/P but in a lighter, more comfortable poly/cotton blend although the blend is heavy in poplyester which can make the suit a little warm to wear and gives a bit of an unwanted shine to the fabric. The factory khaki color on these suits seems to be the closest to screen-accurate, requiring little to no alteration. These suits have screen-accurate features such as unpainted brass zippers and a storm flap, however they lack other features such as the lap pockets and the knife pocket on the inner left thigh. These suits are ideal for larger people as they go into larger sizes than Nomex suits do. These can be purchased from Online retailers such as Galls, Army Surplus for Less and Chief Supply.

Click here to see a Tru-Spec 27P in real life

This diagram will show you Tru-Spec's current pocket layout.

Rothco Air Force Style Flightsuit
ImageThe Rothco Air Force Style Flightsuit is the third and least expensive option. Their features most closely match those of the Nomex CWU 27/P while being similar in construction to the Tru-Spec 27P but containing a higher cotton/poly ratio. The material used makes these suits ideal for dying and for wearing in hot weather. Rothco suits are also ideal for large people as certain colors come in sizes up to 6XL. Rothco suits come from the factory in a color that is more yellow than khaki and are known to have poor tailoring making them uncomfortable for some wearers who require more length in the arms/legs and more area in the waist and crotch. In addition to this, the breast pockets, especially on the larger sizes tend to be placed lower on the chest than Nomex and Tru-Spec suits.

These suits are plentiful at nearly every local and online surplus store and are the easiest to find. If you search eBay using keywords like "Flightsuit, khaki, L, XL" etc., you will get almost exclusively Rothco suits. The Picture used above is a commonly used stock picture for a Rothco flightsuit and the color in the picture does NOT match the color of the actual Rothco suit.

Click Here for a picture of a Rothco Air Force Style Flightsuit in real life

Click here for a sizing chart covering all three suit types.

Here is a comparison shot with shodanmark's Nomex CWU 27/P on the left and a Rothco Air Force Style Flightsuit on the right:


Now Some comparison shots of mburkit's Rothco suit(left) compared to his Tru-Spec on the right:




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By mburkit
Oh snap, you can also compare the shade of tan of my foot to the colors of the rothco and tru-spec in that one picture :)

This looks good, Vinny. Now instead of chastising someone for getting a rothco flight suit, you can just give them a link to this thread and they will be overwhelmed with joy from the plethora of information you have supplied for us here today.

Now we need this to be made a sticky and we will be good. Also note that the last picture of mine that shows the legs of the Rothco and the Tru-Spec was taken to compare the leg pockets of the two brands, since Tru-Spec is missing some pockets, as you have noted in your post.
By enchanted unicorn
gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed you didn't include the flightsuit that comes with the halloween inflatable.. Until you include it, I consider this post incomplete. After a dye bath, I consider it to be far superior to the Nomex brand.
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By Spooky
Two additions:
Rothco have been found to have the same blend of Poly and Cotton as a Tru-Spec (65%, 35%). If this was an old stock or if there are just variations is not known

Tru-Spec DO come with the full pockets
As you can see all Leg pockets are there.

This has been found by several people. I got mine from Army Surplus for Less which lists it as a Deluxe Tru-spec ... .php?id=75
By thor2015
Can you get more details on that Tru-Spec? The pockets are there but the zippers are not brass. They are colored the same as the suit. Does this suit with the pockets have brass zippers and a storm flap? Also, what information is on the inside tag? I know when I purchased two Tru-Specs awhile back they were both the same size but the tags were worded differently (even the sizes were labeled a bit differently) as if a revision change happened somewhere in the process.
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By Spooky
Large View

65% Polyester/35% Cotton Twill For Navy, Black, Sage, Khaki And Orange
100% Cotton Ripstop For Woodland And All-Terrain Digital
Metal Zippers On Front And On Pockets
2 Way Front Zipper, 9" Zippered/Gusseted Ankles
Adjustable Waist And Cuffs,Knife Pocket On The Right Knee
By-Swing Back For Freedom Of Movement
Ventilation Eyelets In Armpit
7 Zippered Pockets: 2Large Chest Pockets, 2 Large Thigh Pockets, 2 Large Pockets On The Calf Area And 1 Medium Size Pocket On The Left Sleeve With Pencil Pockets Attached
Hook And Loop Name Tag Fastener
Navy, Black, Sage And Khaki Available In Tall Sizes

Outside of that:
The zipper pulls are a heavy metal but the teeth seem plastic; though they are still on the heavy side.
The sizes are S, M, L, XL (etc) and mine says L Intermediate (aka Regular) follow the sizing chart on that website. and possibly go one size up for added comfort (the suits in the movie were baggy anyway, it is just general practice). There is no storm flap.

I would suggest emailing them if you are really concerned about the zippers. They may be all metal by this point as the site says.
By thor2015
Reason I asked is because I ordered some suits a month or two ago and they had the brass zippers, no knife pockets and storm flap. The company had run out (my suits were on backorder for several weeks) and when they got the new stock in, this is what I got. Still good info to know though that the Tru-Specs may not be consistent.
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By kind2311
I wrote them an email inquiring about the suits:
Vinny wrote:Hello, I see that you sell the Tru-Spec 27/P flightsuit and i have a couple of questions. I have owned several of these suits and love them but they all seem to be lacking the lap pockets and the small knife pocket on the inner left thigh, like the USGI nomex suits have. I see that you sell a "Deluxe" version, is that right? The picture shows a Tru-Spec with the extra pockets i need and I wanted to make sure that the Tru-Specs you sell actually have the extra pockets. I am trying to stay away from buying a Rothco flightsuit.

They replied this morning:
Army Surplus for Less wrote:Hello,
We double checked, and the Tru-Spec Flight Suits do not have the pockets that you describe on the thighs like on the U.S. G.I. Flight Suits. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and if you have any questions for us, please don't hesitate to ask and we would be glad to help.

Thank you.
Looks like they no longer have that style

Spooky your suit is very odd. The pockets are there, there's no doubt about that, but as thor pointed out, they dont have brass zippers or a storm flap, almost like a Tru-Spec/Rothco hybrid. Now that I think about it, Krenzy dyed a khaki Tru-Spec to GB2 gray a while back in this thread and his has the pockets like yours, zippers like yours and is also lacking the storm flap. I think you two (along with Krenzy's friend Whitey) have some previous model Tru-Specs and what we are now buying is a new revision.
By thor2015
Interesting to note though.... I've noticed in several uniform threads people have posted about their Tru-Spec flight suits and been "corrected" by others because the lack of a storm flap. Now we know not to judge a suit by its storm flap ;-) (or lack thereof)
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By kind2311
I judge a suit's brand by 6 things, color, zipper type, storm flap, fabric type, breast pocket placement and number of pockets total.
By RuBain
kind2311, you are more than welcome to use the info I have in the size chart topic I made. It would seem pretty relevant to purchasing a flightsuit IMO. :cool:
By Butcha
There is a HUGE Army/Navy surplus store 10 minutes from my house with a HUGE room full of uniforms on racks. Going down there this morning to see if I can get lucky and find myself a used flightsuit. For GB1 should it be Khaki or grey? I think it only comes in Khaki or OD green, right?
By Butcha
Just got back and no flight suit. But, I did snag one of these for $9 and it looks like the right color based on the pics I've seen.

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By kind2311
The GB1 suits where khaki/tan in color. They appear slightly gray on screen due to lighting and the type of film used to shoot the movie. You best option for a good suit at a cheap price is getting a Nomex CWU 27/P off eBay or a Tru-Spec 27P from one of the sources listed up top in the first post.

That belt is passable but is not screen-accurate for either movie. The screen-used belts in GB1 were gray with 3 black eyelet holes and black metal hardware. The GB2 khaki uniform belts were khaki with 3 black eyelets and black hardware.

The belt you have there is almost GB2 accurate but has brass hardware instead.
By Butcha
NOOOOOO!!!!!! My first costume f-up! LOL! I was so thrilled thinking I had bought the right one! I looked at a production photo and I thought it looked just like the one I got. Well, $9 in the trash I guess.
By Martog
Butcha wrote:NOOOOOO!!!!!! My first costume f-up! LOL! I was so thrilled thinking I had bought the right one! I looked at a production photo and I thought it looked just like the one I got. Well, $9 in the trash I guess.
Honestly if you wanted to, I am sure you could paint it or something. Unless you are going for total screen acurracy that would pass for me. :)
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By kind2311
John, please don't paint it man IMO that looks really tacky. You wanna look as sharp and professional as you can as Ghostbuster

If you want an accurate GB1 belt, you need to buy this belt or it's like, and dye it gray. I know you dont want to have to dye but it is necessary for what you want, it's easy and effective when done right and you can do your elbow pads at the same time ;)
By Butcha
No, you're right and I will buy the belt. I just need to buy the correct elbow pads too.
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By Austin
kind2311 wrote:The screen-used belts in GB1 were gray with 3 black eyelet holes and black metal hardware.
This is where we're going to have to disagree. I'm 99% positive the belts in both films are khaki. I think what throws it off is the drastic color difference between the first movie suits and the second movies suits. And, like the uniforms in GB1, the belts also take on a gray tint sometimes, but I do believe they're khaki.

The belts AJ was/is selling the shop were dead on in color in comparison to my reference. I have a comparison photo on my computer at home of a khaki belt, gray belt, white belt dyed gray and then the belt from the GBFans shop. I think once you see it, you'll agree.
By RuBain
kind2311 wrote:CWU 27/P Flyers Coveralls

The suits are made in only 2 colors, Sage Green and Desert Tan, the latter being the accurate color.

It should be noted it comes in 3 colors, not 2. There are a few places you can purchase a black nomex from as well.
By Butcha
Well, I've been looking at the Nomex CWUs on eBay and I found two that should fit me. If you are a HEAVY GUY, look away NOW! Using a cloth tape measure, I have a 32 inch chest measurement and I've found a 34 regular and a 36 regular on eBay. I plan to buy the 34 since I don't want the jumpsuit hanging off me and looking sloppy. What do you all think? HEAVY GUYS, behave when you answer! LOL!
By Butcha
HAHAHA!!! Kind, when you've spent several years in the Army, sometimes you can't help looking like this! ;) I've always had a wicked fast metabolism and been a bit of a skinny little shit! LOL!
By madeinsocal6
So, I'm looking to buy a new suit and I want to purchase a Tru-Spec 27-P Flightsuit. From these suppliers which is the most prefered and most accurate : Galls, Army Surplus for Less and Chief Supply? I was also wondering how do I know which size to get when the sizes go small, medium, large and not 34,36,38? what size in S,M,L do I buy, what is considered a S,M,L in 34,36,38?
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