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By StayPuff22
Just received Chris's she'll and mobo and hands down a perfect piece. The shell is flawless with no clean up job what's so ever. The packaging was done with total care and triple padding for transportation. All I can say is Chris was an awesome guy to deal with. He was updating me on everything and never kept me waiting if I had a question. That is service you can't beat. Did I mention the price was unbeatable? Thanks again !!! Time to go to work.
By dbcraig42
I received my shell from Chris last night and it is beautiful. There is no clean up required, and it is ready for part mounting out of the extremely well packaged box. Chris kept me informed all through the process and his work, and customer service are exceptional. Thank you Chris!
By Laurent

I'm sorry I took so long to write this, when Chris obviously didn't took his time to get the shell ready and shipped ! Chris did a great job, in terms of manufacturing, packaging and communicating. I was informed of each step of the process and had a real follow up on everything. Many thanks Chris, I can vouch for you anytime.

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By Grimmy GB
Received a third shell from this guy. I could go on about how awesome it is but I'd just be saying what's already been said. Lol!
Ok, ok...I'm a very happy customer, once again. Hope we can do business again in the future, Chris :)
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By Naptime
It has been an absolute treat to deal with Chris. He's quick to respond, courteous, professional and reliable. Purchasing his most excellent fiberglass shell was something I never thought I'd get a chance to do since I live in Canada. After a quick exchange of PM's, turns out he was only reluctant to sell them outside the US because he felt bad about the high shipping costs involved to the buyer! Talk about caring for the customer! Once that was made a non-issue, Chris kept me informed of the entire process and answered the many questions I had regarding the shell. He was even nice enough to send me measurements I needed in order to facilitate the construction of aluminum parts I was ordering through Freeky Geeky.
Chris sent me a message with tracking info the moment he mailed off my shell and it arrived here in less than a week!

Once it arrived I was impressed by how well it was packed - a large cardboard box lined with Styrofoam, triple wrapped with bubble wrap and nestled in more Styrofoam peanuts. Nothing short of it getting crushed by a truck was going to damage this shell and mobo.

Unwrapping the shell was like Christmas in July. Seriously. I had the stupidest grin on my face the entire time. Turns out, all the wrapping was probably unnecessary (though I'm glad Chris did it) because that shell is SOLID. What a work of art. Beautifully crafted, professionally finished and the details - oh, the details. It's one thing to look at pictures of art online, but when you're able to look at it in person, up close and touch it... oh man.

A pause while I compose myself.

But seriously, what a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone in the community. His work speaks for itself: his shells are the Rolls Royce of shells out there. Add to this Chris' reliability, excellent communication skills and quickness of his responses, it really is a no-brainer.

You won't regret it.

I know I didn't.

I just hope I can do his shell justice when I put together my GB1 Hero pack.
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By JWils23
Trying to be better about leaving feedback for some of the awesome people on this site. Though there isn’t much more that I can say about Chris’ work that hasn’t already been said in here. There’s a reason his shells are extremely sought after, it’s amazing. Chris was quick to respond to messages, sent updates and shipped out quickly. The shell came so well packaged that even despite USPS’s best efforts it didn’t even budge in its bed of bubble wrap. It was a pleasure doing business with Chris and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again!
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By JTysonLambert
I bought one of Chris's GB1 v1.5 hero shells back in 2016. Had it shipped to my mother's place in the States. Finally got around to getting her to ship it over to me after eight years. Excellently packed, and survived two voyages. The shell itself is fantastic. Very solid, and a very nice pull from the mold. Detail is very sharp.

Chris, himself, was very helpful. Great communication, and even answered some shipping questions in the intervening eight year wait.

I know Chris has continued to improve on his pack shells over the years, and I would highly recommend getting one. His attention to detail and build quality are top notch. If I ever decide to build a second pack I'll definitely be coming back for another of Chris's shells.
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By alphabeta001
Doesn't relate to a purchase on this site but on Etsy.

Bought his digital files for his hero pack shell.
A few days later I get an email with updated and corrected files.

Brilliant contact and service and will happily buy more from this legend.
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