The Southern California Ghostbusters and Arizona Ghostbusters sent in this video today demonstrating the new PKE Meter from Mattel. It shows off some of the features like the ability to switch between light effects on the wings and change the display. The PKE Meter will be available in limited supply from MattyCollector in a few months. The price will be closer to $60, not $50 as we had previously revealed.

Thanks to xtrmn8r17 for posting the video.
Cool! Since it doesn't use those finicky touch switches you can have hands off operation for keeping the wings open.

The only down side I can see, which was brought up by someone else is that the rear wheel needs to be rotated quite a bit to get it to speed up the lights. Hopefully that can be corrected for the production version.
AJ Quick wrote:
RedDeath wrote:yeah i agree, aj. i'm surprised to find out that the wings and display panel lights operate separately and not in tandem.
That's actually how they worked on the real prop.
lol really? wow my noobness must be showing
Whenever any buster has walked up to the booth they've handed it to them to look at. I got a longer look at it later and it is very impressive and awesome for the price. As I said in the video, it's going for what you would spend on servos for a kit.
This thing is TOTALLY AWESOME! Got to play with it today 3 different times! Can't freakin' wait for this even though I know that I shall have to until the holiday season at least! It even has to mode buttons that switch the light sequence between the ones seen in GB1 to those seen in GB2 that are slightly different in pattern! Talk about screen accuracy! It also has a very nice weight to it! AMAZING!
I wish they'd stop with these limited productions and do a full blown run like the Toy Story / Iron Man toys I see everywhere. Would put everyone at ease if they did.

Oh well, guess I should be thankful we're getting this. I just hope the website holds up and they have enough stock for the fans!

Like other have said "limited supply" worries me, some goon will be selling them at a 400% profit on ebay with a day of them being released, I just hope that I manage to get my name down for one in time!

Does mattycollector ever offer pre-orders for toys as I never really been one for buying action figures but this I simply MUST have!
dfak2009 wrote:Does anyone know if there will be a limited run on these??

Coz i want 2 !!!!
AJ Quick wrote:The PKE Meter will be available in limited supply from MattyCollector in a few months. The price will be closer to $60, not $50 as we had previously revealed.

If you didn't read the first post, where it was already in bold, why ask the question, lol.
I suppose that's a good point Dr Venkman, I guess you could say the figures have been in "limited supply" but pretty much every GB fan who has wanted them has been able to get them - its too bad the Club Ecto-1 membership doesnt also guarantee that they will get a PKE meter along with the guarantee of getting all 2011 figures
That is... beautiful! :cool:

The "limited supply" thing concerns me a bit too... It would be nice if they would offer some kind of pre-order. Or what if a person could commit to buy one before production started? That way Mattel could insure that enough would be made for the people who really want one. Know what I mean? Heck, I'd throw the money down right now to make sure I got one, even if it didn't come out for another year!
The limited aspect bums me a bit, just when I thought I wouldn't have to battle at the site anymore; but how can anyone not get at least one of these things at $60! Sold all the way on this one.
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