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By BSjohnson
Attention Ghostheads! The Houston Area Ghostbusters would like to invite anyone who can attend to Busterpalooza, part of Comicpalooza 2011 on May 27-29th.


Busterpalooza is being planned as a Ghostbusters Mega-event in Houston, TX and we hope to see a huge gathering of Ghostheads of all kinds. The casual fans who've seen the movie a couple times to the nutjobs like us who spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars recreating the equipment, costumes and cars in meticulous hair-splitting detail.

We are still in the planning stages as far as individual events and activities go, but the convention itself is 100% behind us and the event. They'll be giving us plenty of space in which to play and will be helping us with events such as panels, movie screenings, spaces for Ectomobiles, contests and skits.

If you want to get more details and updates (as they are made) you can visit our blog!

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By BSjohnson
Just wanted to bump this. :)
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By BSjohnson
No worries. Maybe next year. :) Thanks for the bump though!
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By BSjohnson
Just wanted to update everyone on a few things regarding Busterpalooza:

-Comicpalooza is giving GBs special pricing on admission - $27 for a 3-day pass until March 1st, $32 until April 1st. Contact me for details on how to get this special pricing.

-Comicpalooza wants to feature GB Franchises as part of Busterpalooza and will be giving each Franchise a table at no additional cost as long as someone from that franchise is represented at the table the whole time.

-We're planning several panels and events as well including (but not limited to) a Crossing the Streams Costume Contest, the annual HAGB Ghost Hunt, Zombie Safety Seminar, GB Franchising panel and others.

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