We gave you a mini preview of the first issue of Ghostbusters: Infestation last week. The covers for both of issues of Infestation are up from PREVIEWS including a look at the Incentive Cover for issue #1. The first issue of Infestation will be available in early March, and the 2nd will be available to wards the end of March. Both will be available from the Ghostbusters Fans shop. Support our site and look for them for sale on Ghostbusters Fans first!

Also coming in March will be a $1.00 version of Displaced Aggression #1 which we will have available here. It would be a great way to get into the Displaced Aggression comic series if you didn't get one of the original releases.
rapidtransit wrote:Are you going to carry all cover variants in the shop?
Yes. As always when there are variants, we get a 50/50 mix of the A and B covers.
exiledcrow wrote:i want to know where to get the comics
Hurr. Really?
Bativac wrote:Can we declare a moratorium from using Slimer or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on covers or in advertising?
I sorta agree, though one of the promos (the "Infestation" ashcan) hinted that Stay Puft may actually be in it.

Maybe the rule should be "Don't use Stay Puft and Slimer in the advertising unless they're really in it"

(I wouldn't mind an appearance by Slimer--he has't been in a comic since Legion #4. Unless he talks coherently and saves their butts, of course--that, I'd mind.)
cowbybill wrote:I'm a little confused on the whole patch thing. are they available with the first issue or when do they become available? I'd like to get one of those as well.
What patch?
It was mentioned on their web site:

"To further commemorate this "decade in the making" event, IDW will be releasing special incentive patches with every issue. Each embroidered, sew-on patch will feature "infected" logos of the four titles. Additional incentives include a painted cover by Zombies vs Robots co-creator Ashley Wood for INFESTATION #1, as well as a special 16-page sketchbook featuring zombified versions of the perennially popular characters from these four universes, as illustrated by artists associated with each property."

I want to purchase them through GBfans but I really want the Ghostbusters Patch as well.
You know, I have to wonder... Did everyone just NOT see the covers when I posted them three weeks ago with the solicitations? Everyone made mention of the preview pages Chris Ryall put up, which I linked to (and some gave me credit for finding - thanks), but no one mentioned the solicitations (which gave a nice juicy spoiler for GB issue #2) or the covers. Just about all of these covers posted here and on Proton Charging were in my post from a few weeks ago. I thought that everyone would get excited when I got them out there in the GB community seemingly before they were hitting the web all over.
Giant_Slor wrote:support your local comic shop
Support Ghostbusters Fans! http://www.gbfans.com/shop/ We buy far more Ghostbusters comics, and support the license more. ;)
Giant_Slor wrote:Are they making one for all the Comics?
I believe they are. I will let you know when I know more.
That's not actually a variant. It's an incentive-only sketchbook featuring zombified versions of GB, Star Trek, Transformers and G.I. Joe characters.

The zombie on the right is indeed a Ghostbuster, which is more obvious on the un-cropped version of the image (which was drawn by Kyle Hotz).

The sketchbook also features GB art by Dan Shoening, Erik Burnham and Don Figueroa.

EDIT: The GB art's been posted here: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... 70&t=24174
Kingpin wrote:Personally I'd still call it a varient, people were happy to label the Retailer Incentive UV logo cover from Legion as such. It's just a harder-to-get varient cover.
I'm not trying to bust your chops, but variant covers are for the same issue. (The UV Logo cover was still Legion #1,). This Sketch cover is for a completely different book, not Infestation #1.It's a collection of different artist's concepts of zombie-fied characters, it's not an actual comic. And for a sketchbook, it's cool. All the franchises are represented, and the spine is along the top of the book, instead of the side, which is an interesting (albeit random) change of pace.
Giant_Slor wrote:And AJ, when i bought the comic, my comicshop guy gave me a free patch of the Star Trek Logo with a Zombie hand on it, are they making one for all the Comics? IE GIJOE, Transformers and ghostbsuters?
I subscribed for this at my local Comic Shop long before AJ announced he would supply them, too. Sorry about that.

Mine came with the Transformers patch, so I'm guessing the patches are random distribution. Good luck getting the Ghostbuster patch(es).
Derrico13 wrote:I'm not trying to bust your chops, but variant covers are for the same issue. (The UV Logo cover was still Legion #1,). This Sketch cover is for a completely different book, not Infestation #1.
I understand now, it not having the Sketchbook subtitle on threw me off into thinking it was a varient.

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