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By AJ Quick
Incase you haven't seen the new remix of Ghostbusters by Mistah F.A.B., I highly suggest you check it out. The video features Sean Bishop's awesome Ecto-1 replica, with Hip-Hop artists dancing on it in various scenes. The song "Ghost Ride It" is about getting out of your car and running along side of it, or allowing it to drive without you. We don't condone this type of sport! Regaurdless, the video is very cool, and the tune is quite catchy.

it is rather catchy, i wonder why? xP

too bad my civic is designed so there's less wind resistance when i drive.. if i were to jump on my hood i'd prolly roll right off and get run over by my own car.

it's nice to hear the theme again. even if it is in a music video from an artist i could really care less about hah.
By peeps420
[quote="derail"]It's kind of sad that the people who would actually appreciate to sit inside an ecto replica will never be able to but these guys can :( .[/quote]

Truer words have never been stated.

By ectoneon
yeah if i was that rich and offered that amount of cash to use someones ecto in a fan film, i just dont see it happening. oh well at least the ecto's back in the public eye.
By Ecto96
As the comic guy once said "Worst. Video. Ever." That'd be pretty accurate. Plus the fact that it is sad and true that alot of us will never get to sit in an ecto 1 replica, and here these putz's get to be fuktarded on one.
By thermiteguy
I concur, the tune is pretty catchy. As much as I hate to see a dee dee dee dancing on the hod of the Ecto-1A, I have to say, al the guys around here(where I live), I've met who have done a ghostbusters costume, or prop, or vehicle mod, would love to do a Dukes of Hazzard style hood slide with there gear on.
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By Kingpin
Hardly the same thing, riding on the roof/hood of the car as it's moving compared to a Starsky & Hutch or Dukes of Hazzard hood slide.

And it's the Ecto-1, Ecto-1A has all those extra flashing lights that makes it look like Las Vegas on wheels. :P :)
By arledgej1
Did anyone eles notice that Mistah F.A.B. had Slimer airbushed on the back of his jacket. You can see it for a breif second with less an a min left in the video and with him dressed like one of the guys from Run DMC.

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