The Ghostbusters Firehouse, Hook and Ladder #8, was saved from the chopping block after a rally to save it was held on Friday. Hundreds of firefighters and city officials were present as well as former Ladder #55 firefighter and actor Steve Buscemi. A short time after the rally, it was announced that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg had formulated a budget plan that would keep Hook and Ladder #8 and 19 other firehouses open in New York. This is great news for the thousands of Ghostbusters Fans that visit the firehouse every year. Thanks to the support from everyone over the past weeks, the firehouse should hopefully stay in operation for years to come.

Source: The Tribeca Trib.
Steve Buscemi FTW. Dude showed up to help the firefighters out on 9/11; no publicist, no photographers, just a guy wanting to help. This only emphasizes his badassery.
Boomerjinks wrote:I think a great big "Thank You" is in order for Shredder and Guyver! Way to go, guys!
A little over enthusiasm never hurt anyone.....but it sure doesn't help..

I would also like to thank everyone for the stomping down, and uterly crushing on bad ideas...if only more real world people would do that..


    A grasshopper walks into a bar... :) Welcome!

    I like the hole placement on the N-filter!

    Also to be included, are the Venkman inspired ESP […]