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By mburkit
Well, I have some bad news: in January of 2015, my hard drive crashed and I lost my code for the electronics in this pack. Because of that, If I ever wanted to make any changes to any of the electronics in this pack, I would have to literally rewrite a month's worth of computer code. Because of this, I have no idea when I'll ever get around to doing that and/or adding the moving bits to it now; sadly.
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By Batfly
I just now found this thread and went through it all! AMAZING WORK! Makes me want to replay the game again.

Sorry to hear the news of the last update. Could you perhaps use the drive as a slave and run some software recovery tool? I've done this in the past and recovered things that were not in physically damaged sectors of the hard disc.
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By kind2311
Yup still getting along out here. I took a break from the hobby around 2013, and deleted my facebook in 2016, so a lot of people probably think I died or something. A few were probably happy about that LOL! How you been, buddy?
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By mburkit
Hey everybody! I wore this pack for the first time in literal years today and I figured I'd share, just to let everyone know this thing still exists. It's still heavy. I still debate about updating the electronics to have a moving slime blower booster tube and venting bumper and N-Filter. If I ever do get around to adding those things, it won't be for a while because I have other projects in the works. And with that, some more recent photos!

Proof that I wore it today in my Gamestop DLC uniform.

How she looked last year as I was packing to move.

And where she lives in my theater room.
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