Unveiled today at San Diego Comic Con the latest in the Ghostbusters prop line up from Mattel. This year it is the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap! To be released October 2011 for $120. It will include full lights and sounds, and working doors that are activated by the detachable foot pedal. There will also be two working modes that will remain accurate to the movies, and allow for prop display.

Be sure to check out all of our photos from San Deigo Comic Con on our Facebook page here.
Screwhead wrote:
Dr.D wrote:Let the bitching begin

I'll bet it doesn't smoke. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not screen accurate. They're f****g stupid for putting this out. It looks like it's 0.000016mm short on the right side, too.

'and that paint job sucks! Learn how to spray properly!'
ChapterMasterTu'Shan wrote:
Coover5 wrote:Aj should just post pictures of the real prop and see how many call it inaccurate.

And if it IS inaccurate, like the Matty PKE toy, what's your point?
I meant he should post pics of the screen used one to see how many people can find faults in what they think is matty's verison.
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