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By jackdoud
The purpose of this thread is to highlight important or useful threads that have been posted in the Proton Pack section as well as examples of builds using a variety of materials.

The threads have been grouped based on the general parts used but are otherwise in no particular order or importance. This is by no means a complete list. If there is a thread that you think should be added to this list, post a link and a mod will add it if appropriate. We will clean up the thread as a whole when needed.

Some items in the listing may be repeated.
This is not a mistake - some items fall into two or more categories, and have been placed under multiple headings so they're easier to find.

If you find that a thread listed below has missing pictures or for any other reason is no longer valid please let us know.

Thanks to Some_Guy and ProtonCharger for helping to aggregate some of the initial list.

Pack Builds

Fiberglass Shells
janderson0719's Build: bigi71 shell, GB1 pack JPA/Franchesky parts
parksdesign's Build: bigi71 shell, GB1 pack
pchrisbosh1's Build: bigi71 shell, GB1 pack, R2Devo Lights
mburkit's Build: V1 Zombierepellent Shell, JPA parts, GB1 pack, Proptronics lights, Replica Props sound
c05ta's Build: Zombierepellent Shell, Crix lights and sound
Namssorg's Build: Alkaline Shell, GB1 pack
aceblackbelt's Build: Alkaline Shell, GB2 pack, Jupiter Lights
StaggeringElk's Build: Alkaline shell, GB2 pack
Undrtkrbob's Build: Alkaline shell, GB2 pack, aluminum parts by JPA35 and Momeraths24
KagaSakai's Build: Alkaline Shell, GB1 pack, Proptronics lights
Filandrius's Build: Alkaline Shell, GB2 pack, Exoray lights
Pdred1985's Build: Alkaline Shell, GB1 pack
mcFly's Build: Alkaline Shell
Stroudy's Build: Sevv Shell, GB1 pack
Tyger Cheex's Build: Sevv Shell, GB1 pack
jt001's Build: Venkman71 shell
ecto1321's Build: Venkman71 shell, Proptronix lights, Crix sound
Libtechinit's Build: Venkman71 shell, GB2 pack, Exoray lights, Crix sound
ThrowingChicken's Build: Javamonkey Shell, GB2 pack

Vaccform Shells
mburkit's Build: Austin Shell, Hyperdyne lights
Ferrariracerjv7's Build: D-42 shell, GB1 pack
D-42's Build: D-42 Shell
sbonse's Build: D-42 Shell
bjz's Build: Studio Creations shell, GB2 pack
djskinny's Build: Studio Creations shell, GB2 pack, Crix lights and sound
Eugene Speed's Build: Studio Creations shell, GB2 pack

Styrene/PVC Shells
bigi71's Styrene Build: JPA parts
wm6929's styrene Build: Protoncharger's Pepakura Plans
mburkit's Styrene Build: GB2 pack
PeteVenkman_Jedi's Styrene Build: GB1 pack
WeeMadHamish's Styrene Build
hooker's Styrene Build
fixxer's PVC Build: Nick-a-tron parts, GB2 pack
Ecto-Wes's PVC Build

MDF/wood Shells
PLURKLE 20J's MDF build
Mr.Spider's MDF build: GB2 pack, Proptronics Lights
Crix's MDF build: GB1 packs, Stefan Plans
Kingpin's MDF build
Svee's MDF/Dibond build
Magnus Tullock's Plywood build
Astyanax's Low-Budget mostly-Gagnon (Paranorman) Scratch Build (pic heavy)

Paper Shells
Protoncharger's Pepakura Pack

Metal Shells
CPU64's Aluminum Shell
Mat's Steel Shell

lookatthemonkeys's Build: foamcore/styrene, Norm's Plans, GB2 pack
portugueseGB's Foamcore/Plywood Build
lord gilpin's Foamcore Build: Stefan's Plans
hyperguyver2 Foamcore build
GeistKopf's Foamcore Build
Paul-Butt's Foamcore Build
nonagon's Cardboard Budget Pack
crx2fast 's Cardboard Build
postmortem01's CNC'd Foam Buck
Jamie Young's Foam Mat Build
gdonovan plywood/junk Build
Full-Roaming-Vapor's Junk Pack
Gareee's Junk Pack
Bradester's Dollar Store Junk Pack

Thrower Builds

Aluminum Throwers
Filandrius's Build: CPU64 Thrower, JPA35, Umoribawar, Exoray lights
mburkit's Build: CPU64 Thrower, Proptronics lights
c.fago's Build: CPU64 Thrower
aceblackbelt's Build
janderson0719's Build: Umoribawar Thrower
GBnerds' Build
jpa35's Build
JeepMcMuddy's Build
jimbo7's Build

Resin Kits
slime me please's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build, Exoray Lights
Mr.Spider's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build, proptronix lights
aceblackbelt's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build
StaggeringElk's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build
jt001's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build
ecto1321's Build: MMM Gun Kit Build, Proptronics lights
Undrtkrbob's Build: ThrowingChicken Gun Kit, JPA35, Momeraths24
throwingchicken Thrower V2.0 Build Thread
throwingchicken Thrower V2.5 Build Thread
throwingchicken Thrower V3.0 Build Thread
Warrenzo's Build: Nick-a-tron kit

Styrene/PVC Builds
jackdoud's styrene Build, Elite plans
SLAAARGH's Styrene Build, Stefan Plans
WeeMadHamish's Styrene Build
fixxer's PVC Build: Nick-a-tron parts
Ecto-Wes's PVC Build

Wood Builds
valentino_42's Plywood build
lookatthemonkeys's MDF build

nonagon's Cardboard Budget Thrower
Nicholszz's Pepakura Paper Thrower
ProtonCharger's Pepakura Paper Thrower

Other Packs

Videogame Packs
Dark Jedi 1500's Build
mburkit's Build
RedVirtue's Build: R2Devo lights & Jupiter Electronic lights
Austin's Build
machina28's Build
irrelevanttomfoolery's Wii Pack
zacharybroyles's Wii Concept Pack
JackIvyGB's Wii Concept Pack

RGB Packs
Alex Wilcox's Build
KieranWalker's Build
Ou7of7ime's Build
8thMan's Build
JoeLuna33's Build
ThePinkGhostbuster's Build
XxEctOxX's 1st Build
XxEctOxX's 2nd Build
Silverstreak's Build

EGB Packs
slimershomie's Build
DarkSpectre's Build
Ectoman_913's Kylie Pistol

Tainted Love Packs
Azuran's Build
Anthony Cannon's Build
LascielsShadow's Build
torsoboy's Build
keoni's Build

Hello Kitty Pack
FunkPunkTwang's Epic Build

Scaled Down packs
lillie450's Build
KCGhostbuster's Build
TexacoKid's Build
D_rock's Build
Jamie Young's Build
Austin's Build
Vincenzo330's Kenner Mod
JoeLuna33's Kenner Mod
JoeLuna33's Build: RGB Pack
ThePinkGhostbuster's Build: RGB Pack


Pack Casting
vincenzo330's Example
Warrenzo's Example
TK-194's Example
Maniac221's Example
Alkaline's Example
Exoray/Venkman71 Example
General Discussion
General Discussion
Demon Vice Commander's Example

Thrower Casting
KCGhostbuster's Example
ThrowingChicken's Example

Bumper Casting
KCGhostbuster's Example
Wiz-GB008's Example

Vacforming Packs
D-42's Example
KCGhostbuster's Example

Veneered Metal
Technique by ThrowingChicken

Fake Weld Lines
Technique by CPU64

Motherboard Attachment
Technique by kind2311

Motherboard Creation
Technique by vincenzo330

Pack Texturing
Technique by pchrisbosh1

Paint Discussion ... =2&t=24891

DIY GB1 ribbon cable
Technique by Javamonkey
Technique by BlkMesaHero
Technique by Phish4dinner
Technique by niceshootintex

Thrower Heatsink
KCGhostbuster's Scratchbuilt Heatsink

Extending Barrel Tip
Technique by mburkit
Technique by protoncharger
General Discussion
General Discussion

Shock Knob Construction
Metal Bellows discussion
Mr. Spider's Washer Build
Peterlb's Washer Build

Scratchbuilt Bumpers
ThrowingChicken's Build: Styrene/MDF
Mr. Spider's Build: MDF/Plywood
Protoncharger's Build: Paper/Resin
Alkaline's Build: Wood

Booster Tube Battery Compartment ... =2&t=26848

GB1 Alice Frame Spacer ... =2&t=24650

Booster Frame Construction
Technique by Nick-a-tron
Technique by jackdoud
Technique by pchrisbosh1

SMC to Legris Elbow conversion
Technique by Spengler28

Pack displaying
General Displaying Options
General Displaying Options
XxEctOxX's Omni Pack wall mount

Advice for noob builders ... =2&t=28610

Part Discussions

Updates to Stefan's plans ... f=2&t=9307

Studiocreations Shell Discussion ... =2&t=30510

Ribbon Cable Clamp Dimensions ... f=2&t=9495

PPD discussion ... =2&t=22020

Thrower plans ... =2&t=26375

Labels/Decals ... lit=labels

Metal Parts list ... =2&t=25357

Master Parts list ... =2&t=16866

Master Screw list ... =2&t=28546

Genuine Heatsinks ... =2&t=28259

Clippard Hose Fittings ... =2&t=27150

Clippard Valve Placement ... =2&t=32031

Legris & Nycoil Banjos ... =2&t=26455

Display Power Supply ... =2&t=26912

Flash Bulb Discussion ... =2&t=22914

Reference Material
Volguus's GB2 semi-hero pack
Screenused pack seen at UK Convention
thegreatgalling's Sony Lobby Pictures
Vincenzo330's Sony Lobby Pictures

Production Pack Comparisons ... =2&t=28595

Thrower lights Discussion ... =2&t=19673

Thrower Switches discussion ... =2&t=18358 ... =2&t=19085

Ray's "yellow lights" on the Power Cell Explained! ... f=2&t=5404


r2devo's PIC based pack circuit
jackdoud's analog pack circuit
Interceptor9C1's quickie pack lights
Martinus's Arduino code
Syco54645's Arduino code
jackdoud's analog thrower circuit
BSjohnson's Game Pack Lights
Maniac221's Jupiter Electronics Combo Tutorial
Original FC2 Effects Board info

mburkit's Replica Props chip Tutorial
Amplifier distortion help
zeta otaku's MP3 player hack
nolatron's Dual sound boards
Martinus's Arduino code
Syco54645's Arduino code
tatawaki's Arduino code
Changing Hyperdyne sound files
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By Kingpin
Wicked! In the run up to Pack #2, I was gonna start digging the forum for extending barrel tutorials... and now you've got them all grouped together in a nice neat list. Awesome, thanks Jack!
By JoeLuna33
Hey Jack! Thanks for including a couple of my builds. Its awesome to think that one of my threads could help some one out with their own build.
By RedVirtue
Thanks Doud for including my PDS Pack. I hope others find it useful! This is such a great idea and I'm going to find this thread very helpful soon.

If it helps you any I used R2Devo lights and Jupiter Electronic lights.

I was actually planning on making some upgraded modifications to this proton pack in the near future. I was wondering if necro-bumping the thread should be an option, or if I should start a new thread all together. The upgrades would mostly revolve around a slime booster tube upgrade and changes to the gun. I don't mind starting a new thread, but I do like the thought of keeping everything in one thread. You're call. :cool:
User avatar
By jackdoud
RedVirtue wrote:I don't mind starting a new thread, but I do like the thought of keeping everything in one thread. You're call. :cool:
Generally the unwritten internet rule is, if you started the thread you can bump it. I'm a fan of keeping everything of a similar topic to one thread myself.
By RedVirtue
jackdoud wrote:
RedVirtue wrote:I don't mind starting a new thread, but I do like the thought of keeping everything in one thread. You're call. :cool:
Generally the unwritten internet rule is, if you started the thread you can bump it. I'm a fan of keeping everything of a similar topic to one thread myself.
Right on. Glad we see eye to eye. Just wanted to be sure. :wink: If things come together I'll continue posting in the thread with the updates.
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By janderson0719
Maybe this thread should be added to the parts discussion... ... =2&t=26455

MODERATOR: Link Added, thanks!
By Skyknight
I vote for sticky this!!!

Ups, it's already done. Sorry, my bad. It's a great thread and links some of the most awsome builds I've seen so far.
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By Namssorg
It would be great to have a section that's all the templates people have created.

I linked to a 3" N-filter hole template I made when I was building my N-filter, and it was pretty popular. It's just kind of buried in my thread.

I also made a list of McMaster-Carr links for lots of pvc/plastic tubing that is the correct size, if anyone finds that useful. Kind of the plastic version of Vincenzo's metal parts shopping list. ... =2&t=25357
I wouldn't consider mine a "junk pack" given its looks and how popular that thread is/was :-o
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By Libtechinit
I'm definitely humbled to have my build thread included here!

This thread is great and has answers to just about every question you could ask when starting a pack build.

Nice work putting it all together in one spot!
A lot of the threads are useless because the pics no longer work. Is it possible to delete some of these threads and potentially add others such as Legend642's build with a restored production shell or Chris Bosh's scratch build thread?
By mattgbfan
Hello I'm just curious what is the best proton pack that is fully built and ready to go / use available to purchase and where can I purchase it from or who from? I am not interested in buying a lower end proton pack I have money and I want to buy something with all the bells and whistles that looks as movie accurate to ghostbusters 1 as possible but has like I was saying all the bells and whistles / lots of features and all that fun stuff.
Thank you very much and please let me know.

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