in advance, sorry if there's already a tutorial or thread about this, but I can't seem to find it. I'm confused about the spacers and hardware needed. I've done a large amount of reasearch about everything else, but this still evades me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys.
Thank ya sir. I know that there's 1/2" spacers between the frame and mobo right? (For the GB2 packs)
I've got an LC-2 frame and I'm confused on how to mount it with the bend in the crossbar. And on some pictures I've seen, there's a "half-sphere" thing on the 3rd mounting hole. I'm getting ready to mount the mobo to the frame, but I wanna do it as accurate as possible for a GB2 pack.

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The "half sphere" is talked about here: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... =2&t=24650

I don't think there's a single thread all about mounting to the alice frame, your best bet is probably checking out the GB2 builds listed here: http://www.gbfans.com/community/viewtop ... =2&t=28621 and seeing what other people have done.
By noslliT
The spacers on GB1 hero packs should be 1" long from the MB to frame
The spacer between the bumper and cyclotron I'm not sure. Possibly 1/2?

On the semi heros I think the spacers are 1/2" due to the LC-2 frame.
between the bumper and cyclotron there is a 3/4 spacer

Bolts should be 1/4-20

If anyone has any better info let me know
By gEkX
Looks right to me.

1" steel spacers for the frame and 1/2" stainless steel spacer along with a washer under the bumper in the middle of the cyclotron.

There also appears to be a hemisphere on the middle brace on gb1 while gb2 had three 1" steel spacers.

I could be wrong about the hemisphere.

1/4-20 Carriage bolts appear to be accurate.

The sqaure portion of the head is an almost perfect fit for the Alice frame track.

Then I use a 1/4" drill bit and a square file on the middle brace.

I believe you can get carriage bolts without the square part under the head.
Thanks a lot guys! That helps me out A TON. The bend on the bar on a LC-2 frame is becoming a headache. I considered finding a LC-1 frame to cut out the problem completely, but I'm building a GB2 pack and I've already got the frame I have primered and almost ready to mount a mobo to. Has anyone had a good expirience with a LC-2? Or is it more headache than its worth?

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For craps' sake, if you DO prefer a square cutout for the center bolt, take your time and make it neat and on center. I've already almost had to catch one persons' pack because a hack job made the middle rail crack. Personally, I'm going to forgo 100% accuracy and use a round bolt told avoid the stress raisers of sharp corners.
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By jros3484
The square cutout prevents the bolt from turning when a nut is tightened. It's designed that way. Use a precision metal file with a centered hole and take your time.
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