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By odiemodie
Oye there Gbers (and EGB/ XGBs),

I've checked our own sites and shops (even Ebay as well, hoping to find if there are any Extreme Ghostbusters logo patches, only to find there are none listed. Where there any manufactured before? If I can't find any, I might get a custom embroider who specializes in varsity football jacket letters, to come up with a XGB patch, I'm planning to costume as Eduardo. I think, though, the No-Ghost uniform logo is used in the series, but I thought having a XGB logo riding on the sides of my shirt would be a cool tip off to the show itself, and save the work in explaining to the not-so watchful eyes or "I only know the OG Ghostbusters" minions of who I am and what series I'm from. Back to getting someone to embroider the patch, it'll probably is gonna cost some bucks just for only me to use, so if there is any place or website that has 'em, let me know!

Mahalo, and thanks! :eduardo:
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By Harry Bardwell
The patches in the show where just normal patches. there was a new logo originally designed with rivets or bolts on it, but that was just promo stuff, it switched back to the original logo, for the actual show (kinda like how the RGB had other gear and khaki uniforms to start with. although on the show they drew it on several occasions where it looked silk screened of ironed on as apposed to just a sewed on patch.
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By odiemodie
what's it look like? I always thought it was the regular no ghost logo. If you have a drawing of what you want is pretty reasonable.
"Everybody can relax... I've found the patch!" lol...Image

Just the design, that is... If there is a patch like this, I'll be estatic!
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By venkman30
it's gonna be a first for me to see a patch like this on a suit. cool idea odie. hope you can get this patch made. i'd love to see what it looks like on a suit. i'm not to educated on the egb's so this question mite sound stupid but what kinda suit are you going with? same as egb character?
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By odiemodie
@venkman30: Hey there, bro! Nice to see you "on the other side"! :-D

Yeppers, it will be on an EGB character, Eduardo. He really doesn't have a uniform, more like street clothes. The only thing liking to a uniform he wears is the elbow pads and heavy duty torearm gloves. Though, his green shirt bears the no ghost logos on his arm sleeves. On the other hand, I'm gonna have the EGB logos on my jump suit also... just in case I gotta look the same as the rest as the GBHD team... not saying the ear rings and reddish-brown gelled-up hair! :eduardo:

@Joey B! Maker of the Extreme Ghostbusters Proton pack! 8)

Aye, you're right, and yeah, half of the time no ghost on the patch. Probably because the drafter missed it, it was not compliant enough to have it, or just laziness by the animators. But think of how cool beads it will be to have an EGB patch flashing on your arm! :cool:
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By odiemodie
@cowbybill: thanks for the link to the QEP website! I haven't made an order yet, but I browsed through it, and it looks awsome!

Sorry I missed, ya! Big thanks, mate! :-D
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By Ghostytheghost
My best guess is that Roland and Garrett had the sewn-on patches thanks to the flightsuits. Kylie and Eduardo probably had the silk-screened/ironed-on emblems for their latex suit thingy and T-shirt respectively.

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