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By gEkX
I made a recent purchase of an FC-2 board for my Liberty Controller build.

To my surprise; it came with some wiring and chip info specific to the proton pack.

When I mentioned this in the chat today I was told that information on wiring up one of these chips was a "tribal knowledge" sort of thing.

Here's a shot of the chip:

As you can see this is one of the newer FC-2's and has the orange potentiometer not the blue one as seen in the ebay listing and all the other pics of the board I've seen and have been told it operates the same.



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By jimbo7
Thank you for posting this. Maybe needs to be stickied for the electronically challenged guys like myself?
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By noslliT
Other than the pot changing colors, aesthetically the silk screening has changed over the years and the components are modern day parts understandably. It's a great piece of kit nonetheless at a great price.

If you want it to function with the proper delay on a semi hero you must hook up the jumper between "R" and "5"
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