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By AJ Quick

Mattel may not have gotten the response they wanted with the 1:12 scale Ecto-1 they wanted to produce, but the figures they had planned to go along with it will be produced. The figures are unique in that they feature removable Proton Packs. Leaks from the Chinese factories reveal that packless figures were tooled a year or two ago, so this release is a no brainer from Mattel. The removable pack figures will be available only in a two pack, and if the previous pre-order was any indication, they are likely to cost between $50 and $60 per two pack.

Four new figures from the first Ghostbusters™ movie arrive in late summer of 2014! Each 2-pack will include two 6″ figures featuring new torsos with two removable proton packs, two snap-on proton streams, and two “no ghost” logo stands. This 2-pack comes in window box 30th Anniversary packaging.

•Pack 1: Ray Stantz™ and Egon Spengler™ Figures
•Pack 2: Peter Venkman™ and Winston Zeddemore™ Figures
Talk about a risk. You know they will threaten us again that we have to order enough of these and maybe a 1:12 ecto 2.0 will come out. They are so greedy and these figures are a 90% rehash. I'm not seeing the shoulder straps like last time in the figure mold, but the resolution is low. I'll probably get them for the proton streams and the chance of an ecto will come out. I budgeted for the new removable figures and the ecto. Glad I didn't reshuffle money. With any luck they learned they can't be as pushy and will try to come to some middle ground on the ecto. That was a mess and way over priced. I still want light and sound, but they really should offer an all in one kit with figures and car at a discount. Not going to happen. They want 2-3 overpriced shipping and handling charges out of us fans. At least they haven't given up on the line. I wish they had more announcements like the pack or more news on the proton gun.
Nice to see that Mattel is still going through make more 6 inch action figures. I do agree that these are what they should have offered us in the first place. At the very least I think I will pick some up for customs since I need the proton streams, stands and bases.
while I am VERY happy they finally gave us the figures we should have gotten all along, I have to ask why the hell didn't they do this in the first place?!? Matty, for all the money we spent already, this should have been the first four figures, then you could have released the slimed versions, but no. some are slimed, some have no gloves; what the hell are you guys thinking?? then you blame us because we don't want to buy every little piece of crap you put out? I'll def. be getting these, but i have to ask why is there no ghost packed in with them? for the price you're charging, we should at least get a ghost or two with these.
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I'll pass on these. I don't feel like paying $100-$120 plus shipping for figures I essentially already have. If this leads to a Janine, Janosz, and other figures, then this is great and I'll get those. I'm done buying the basic 4 guys.
AMC78 wrote:C'mon Mattel... Give us a 30th Gozer and terror dogs!
I do agree, why no gozer and terror dogs? Is it for the simple fact tha Neca did those years ago?

Where is my Louis Tully in Gb2 gear? Where is my Janine Melnitz?
Full-Roaming-Vapor wrote:What I wouldn't give for an improved Dan Aykroyd head sculpt on this version...
But that would require some semblance of care and effort, and for $25 per figure you don't actually expect to get that do you? Worst part of all is that they DO have a much better head at their disposal, they just refuse to use it.

Full-Roaming-Vapor and dtblack, this company has been told by the fans time and time again to please use the much better RTBY Ray head but woe and behold Mattel does whatever they please. I know that I can always pop a RTBY Ray head on this removal pack Ray body but I'm a guy that prefers to keep action figures MOC so that pretty much is a bummer, the set is very nice but the Dog Face Ray head has gotta go.
Ughhhh for f#¥* sakes.... Ok;
1. Yes, 1st figures we should of had.
2. Why can't we instead have a Louis, Janine, Gozer/Terror Dogs, Janosh, etc.?
3. Why not use the better Ray Head sculpt?

These are all good questions. I really am sick of all the remake/re-release figures. Stop beating the proverbial dead horse Matty! But, what I really would like to know is;

1. If you don't want to do regular releases of NEW figures, why keep the line at all?
2. What is the reason for not making RGB 6 inch figures, as opposed to Mego figures?

Honestly, I would LOVE an RGB line! Soo many variants, ghosts, equip., etc. That's what most people remember about ghostbusters; the cartoon, the toys, the McD's bike accessories, etc. And they don't think they have support? Hell, TMNT re-released their 80's toyline and who here didn't go crazy when they saw those back on the shelves? I honestly have no idea how sales went, but the shelves were emptying each time we went to our local toy carriers.

I just wish we could get some new life in to our beloved Ghostbusters line/merchandise. And Matty, how about you start listening to your fans/customers and cater more to what the public wants, as opposed to remaking figures, using old molds, and milking all of us for every damn penny we have with things that no one really jumps out of their skin for.

Also, if anyone has answers to the above questions, please feel free to share. And.... I'll probably still get these damn two-packs. Have everything else for f#¥* sakes................
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I can't wait for these. Was late to the party with previous releases hope the shop will have an order for these as I'm not sure if matty collector will ship to UK.
well this is sad... THIS is what should have been the FIRST line for figures(removable packs, gloved hands, clip on proton streams and a stand).

i bought all the 4 main guys as they came out (got slimed peter which had a crummy head), and i bought the GB2 4 pack (with a incredibly tan skin complexion) i already have 2 sets of busters i dont need a 3rd
back when the figures were first released i HAD money for these figures, today is a different story.... it feels like matty is playing keep away with me...
the ONLY way i could afford to buy these would be if i found them in BIG lots :(

sorry if i ranted, but this is just a bit frustrating...
danbuster365 wrote:well do not expect these to show up at big lots they are going to be made more limited than the rest of the line as toy guru has said in the past
Don't expect them not to end up at Big Lots, or liquidated through some other means if they do not sell.
danbuster365 wrote:well do not expect these to show up at big lots they are going to be made more limited than the rest of the line as toy guru has said in the past
My first rule about Toyguru is I don't believe a word he says.
I'm pretty glad I didn't spend crazy money buying the previous figures on ebay now!

I only got into collecting Ghostbusters stuff a couple of years ago so I missed out on the original releases. And as others have said, "these are the figures they should have done all along". If you already have a full set of GB1 figures then it might be hard justify buying this, though, unless you really NEED to have removable packs. But for newcomers it is excellent news, I'll actually be able to buy them for sensible prices on release.

The only six inch figure I have is Winston with Slime Blower, since that was actually affordable, and cool-looking, and Ernie Hudson was supposed to be at the Winter London Film & Comic Con. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of Ernie holding a mini version of himself.

I have spent crazy money on the huge 12 inch Ghostbusters II figures, though. The Ray and Egon double-pack was reasonably priced, but the Peter and Winston double-pack was twice as expensive. But they are a damn nice set of figures. I like the mixture of proton packs and slime blowers, and khaki and grey uniforms, as it means that they aren't a set of four identical figures with different heads. And they come with a great selection of extra accessories. I think its the best set of figures that Mattel have done for Ghostbusters. It's a bit weird that Egon and Peter came with radios instead of Lifegard alarms, though, since they never use radios in GB2 at all, and they wear the Lifegards with both the grey and khaki uniforms.
OT, I noticed Diamond is doing the same thing with the GB minimates. They are releasing a 4 pack set of the figures with removable packs.

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