Hello to all 1959 and 1960 Cadillac ecto-1 owners .

In 1978 GM recall all 1959 and 1960 Cadillac (including commercial chassis) , recall is about a pitman arm defect , as we know most of the commercial chassis car where out of the road in 1979 and probably never been inspected for this defect , don't take a chance verify your pitman arm and replace it !!! an accident happen so fast .

Here's a text about this recall




I found this article and checked the pitman arm on my Sedan Deville, it was the snappy one!
shipped in a replacement and fitted it, 150 ft lb torque was a struggle laying on my back!

happy days now though
Holy poop. I used to turn wrench for a living and as I read through that article, that scares me. Not fun times to have your Pittman arm separate. I drive cars with linkage-driven steering because I love the way that car feels on the steering end of things. 1968 Mercury Montego, 2002 Ford P71 Police Interceptor.... Only reason I don't have a '59 Cadillac is budget and availability. But I know how that steering gear works and your warning scares me. I'm glad you put out that warning. Hopefully someone can replace their Pittman arm and rock on.
just for fun I tried to see if GM would honour this for my '59 Caddy, as it had the original part # stamped Pitman arm.
didnt get too far, and ended up buying a correct replacement.

bad part to have fail when driving!!

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