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By dalesd
I wanted to pass this along. I don't know any of the parties involved. ... riend_the/
Do you cosplay? Live in Mass? My friend the professional photographer is offering free photoshoots...

I checked and I don't think this isn't against the rules. My friend is a professional photographer and also trying to promote his book. He's offering free shoots to people who help him.
From 16 Degrees Studio :
So because I took most of the summer off to promote and work on the sequel to The Indestructibles , I've decided I need to somehow combine the book and photography. So I've decided (now that draft of the sequel is done) to combine both worlds. I'm offering a free cosplay shoot for #cosplayer models who links/shares the book's page on Facebook or Twitter (I can be found on Twitter @mattphillion.) For sanity reasons, this offer will be open as long as I have time slots available--I'll post a follow-up announcement if I get close to running out of spots. Message for more details if you're interested!
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