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By robbritton
It’s late and I’m tired and it’s a school night, so I’ll have to be brief, but...

...I just got back from the UK premiere of this in the IMAX and it is really, really good. Lots of laughs from the audience, some fantastic motion graphics as explainers (look for an excellent riff on the original NES game!) and some very sweet reminiscence from all sorts of folks. Worth the wait for me, and nice to see a bunch of names I recognise up against my own in the Kickstarter credits.

So yeah, definitely the definitive Ghostbusters doc, and I spoke to Claire Bueno and the GB2 one is in post now so is also still coming!
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By Esbe77
I'm a newbie so apologies if this has already been asked and answered...but does anyone know if this will get a blu ray release available to everyone?
During the crowdfunding campaign that ran a while ago, they said there would be a DVD and a blu-ray edition. Now, I wouldn't presume that it's still the case or if they changed their minds but I would hope they make good on their word.

Also, the doc is distributed by Kew Media Group so we just have to find if they are into blu-rays (which I am very much hoping for).
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