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By csullivan1980
I've decided to build my first pack.

Like most newbies in my situation I'm trying to decide the best way to go while trying to not break the bank. I've been talking to a few other ghost heads like myself who share their input and advice which i greatly appreciate.

But I'm trying to decide on the best shell to buy because I don't have the time or space to build one from scratch. With the shop down for the month I'm wondering if there are any equally as good options for a proton pack shell.

GB of Salem NH suggested this one by studio creations: ... index.html

It looks good and keeps me on a low budget track. But what is a good thickness of shell I should be looking for when considering all he parts I have to attach.

Of all the parts on the pack I'm quite fond of the bumper and booster. Most of the boosters I'm finding on eBay are the tube but I can't seem to locate the cap. Am I missing something?

Overall I believe my first pack will be a lightweight shell with a combo of resin parts and real resistors and such.

Sorry if this post is scattered thoughts and questions.

Looking forward to this build.
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By syckotheklown
Hey buddy, I was in the same predicament as you earlier this year. I guess it depends on whar yoyr going for. Accuracy? Semi? Custom? And whats your rough budget for a shell? I have a complete build thread using a studio creations shell ( abs plastic ). Its really sturdy, and in my opinion, just as good as a resin shell. Especially for first pack builders
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By csullivan1980
Semi. Something in between cheap and expensive. I wouldn't be against spending a few hundred on a decent shell but seeing how it's my first build its probably best to start at the affordable spectrum.
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By syckotheklown
Exactly sir. At least a studio creations shell will get you used to how its done, and you can do trial and error with it. I wanna say the studio creations shell is around $80. And it really teaches you to appreciate all the work that goes into this. Like I said, check out my build thread, from what iv been told " that's what happens when a sc shell is done right" lol
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By syckotheklown
Very good sir. Well then I KNOW I can help. Lol. I'm gonna upgrade my thrower this year, to add the sound and light controls to the pack and go all fancy. Lol. But the Matty wand has definitely served me well. I'll be using it in my next build.
By ghostbustinjrob
I'm a newbie as well... I enjoy reading this... I'm still under the thoughts I'd rather just buy one all done haha. But I myself am just lost on where to begin.
By ghostbustinjrob
Halloween next year... I'd say I could spend max 100 or 200 per purchase, but i have nothing so I've got along way to go. I want the absolute best and most realistic
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By csullivan1980
ghostbustinjrob wrote:Piece by piece lol if I "HAVE" to build it, there is no budget, if I have to buy there's not really a budget either just a matter of budgeting to pick it up
I'm too working piece by piece. At the moment no shell, motherboard or Alice frame...yet. So far I got the ion arm, attachment, original/real dale resistors, tubes/wires and lens on their way.

Even though I don't want to go as a GB two years in a row for Halloween going full GB would be sweet.

As anxious as I am to being I think the key is to take your time and not rush.
By ghostbustinjrob
csullivan1980 wrote:
ghostbustinjrob wrote:Piece by piece lol if I "HAVE" to build it, there is no budget, if I have to buy there's not really a budget either just a matter of budgeting to pick it up
Even though I don't want to go as a GB two years in a row for Halloween.
Lol what are you talking about? Once mine is done I'll be a ghostbusters every year for the rest of my life haha maybe even every week
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By syckotheklown
Halloween next year? Oh you can deffinatly built it in that time. It took me four months to build mine. And I only did $50 every two weeks lol. First step, a shell. Whats your budget on a shell? If its $100 at a time. A studio creations shell would fit that perfectly.
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By syckotheklown
csullivan1980 wrote:Could you share how you got the hose to connect to the thrower?
I have a tutorial on my build to connect the hose to the thrower my friend
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By Grimmy GB
ghostbustinjrob wrote:What's the best shell? I've seen a bunch that vary differently
That's up for debate lol. I'm a pchrisbosh1 or bigi fan, but there's tons more of super nice ones out there.
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By csullivan1980
It has begun!

Day 1: sanding resin ion arm, drilling holes for ion arm attachment and dale resistor.

I'm happy with how it's turning out so far. I'm pacing myself nicely and taking my time. One of my flaws is being so excited that I tend to rush and goof. But so far not today.

Once the holes were drilled I attached to ion arm attachment to make sure it fit properly. It did and holes perfectly in line. Drilling the hole for the resistor was a bit tricky finding the proper size was between a 1/2 and 3/4 drill bit. It's a little loose but I'll fix it on with gorilla glue after painting

Painting: started with a light coat of flat white primer, then I plan to go over with a coat of metallic before finished with a coat of flat black. I want to gently scrap away some of the black with a wire brush to give the arm a worn look.

By Ringo67
I'm kind of in the same boat. I want to make an affordable but accurate GB1 pack ... and I'm also from Massachusetts.

I plan on following your thread while I try to figure out how I want to go about making my own pack.

Right now, I'm thinking I want a fiberglass shell with as many metal pieces as possible. Although I don' t know what the possibilities are out there, so I'm doing a lot of research.

Good luck with your build!

- Paul
aka Ringo67
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