Fritz wrote:
JayTigran wrote:Yes, and I love that Vince Belmont is mentioned in the game lol
I saw Vince at GenCon, and he's over the Moon about it. His card is so incredibly broken :lol:
God Mode? LoL
I'm jealous, really wanted to go for that tier but... money. Lots of money, something I don't have haha

Congrats to him and every other member who got that tier, and know I am forever jealous
I can't wait for the new game! The new game mechanics will definitely spice things up as I want to modify some of the original campaigns to use the new stuff like the additional equipment and Ecto-2 (so that MAYBE that damn Terror Dog scenario can be actually beaten because... that one is basically impossible without some HEAVY tweaking). I also have this idea of a giant scenario, so having more tiles will be fantastic :D Like, the current ones we have are big, but I'm looking at something maybe 3 times larger for when I have more than 5 people playing... or if I want to stretch out the gameplay

I do have a question: these new tokens, are they the same size as the originals? While I dig the courtroom look with the packs, I'd rather use the first game's jumpsuit clad ones if they're close to the same size.
Awesome news ^_^ One other thing I can't wait for.... to go over all the player cards and come up with fun and unique abilities for characters from the first game that didn't get carried over to the new one, but won't break the game. Hell, one idea I had for the Rookie was that he can switch between proton streams and slime blasts at any time, but only once per turn and all slime blower attacks are -1 to the dice roll.
Email from Cryptozoic came two days ago:

Greetings ’buster,

We’re extremely pleased to report that we’ve sent all of the final art files, sculpts, and other assets needed for our factory in China to begin manufacturing GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II!

However, we did run into one snag: Not enough of our backers wanted the game in Italian, French, Spanish, or German. Given the small number and how expensive it is to produce small print runs, we cannot print localized versions of GHOSTBUSTERS: THE BOARD GAME II in any of these languages at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you ordered the game in Italian, French, Spanish, or German, you will instead receive your entire order in English so that you can still enjoy playing.

Some good news: We will be translating the rules and cards for the base game and offering them as PDFs on our website in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

For any questions, please reach out to us directly at Kickstarter@cryptozoic.com.

The Cryptozoic Team
I'm so pissed right now. They promised localized versions of the game and I put in over $200 to get a german one. There was never mentioned some quota that must be reached, only that if it gets funded it will get German, French, Spanish and Italian translation. Now suddenly they tell us they don't have the money for translation? Bullshit, they should have known this at the time the pledgemanager closed and give everybody the chance to pull out back then instead of waiting 7 month to tell us what they knew since that day!
At the moment they get more backlash on kickstarter than ATC :wink:
I don't have a problem with english, but I know lots of people who do. And those would never agree to play an english game with me. I don't know that many people who like to play boardgames anyway, so it'll most likely become a game I will never get to play just like the first one only that I put much more money in this one because they promised it would be translated.
So the real problem is that the makers flat out lied to me and everyone else! They said if it gets funded it gets translated, period! And now they don't want to do it because not enough people wanted localized versions and small print runs are more expensive? Oh give me a break! They made 3 times the money they planned to make translated versions for and never said it only gets translated if they reach a certain quota! They promised translations on a third of the money they got and now they can't afford to do it? That's a big steamin' pile of BS. And holding back on that information for months until they're so deep into the production that it's too late for people to get a refund.
I'm not supporting this kind of behavior! And I'm not buying any other game from Cryptozoic ever again and will encourage everyone I know to do the same and not support them for their shady business methods.
I kinda understand where they are coming from. For example 500 prints cost almost as much as 1000 as the higher the number the lower the cost to mass produce. If you have to do a devided run of 100, 50,100,100 and 650 instead of a 1000 however the cost rises monumentally. Especially for the 50 one.

I think they made an honest mistake, with minor consequences as you can always DM a little for your fellow players by translating the cards or ghosts (especially via the prints-outs they provide), but I understand it's a hassle especially if they promised a translation.

You guys are in your right to call them out for it ofcourse, and they will probably have to oblige, but at what cost?
I think they could make all the translations first, then give all the files to their print shop at once with a note how many of which file they need. I think that would still count as one big run with the most print places as the only additional work for them would be 2-3 mouseclicks to open the different files and click on "print that many".

Or they could print more for retail sale in the respectable countries! They didn't sell many of the first GB Game in German stores, but I think it's mostly because not too many people here want to buy English games. What they do now is making me think they had never planned to go retail outside of the US.

And how had they planned to do translations with only the minimum $250k they wanted to fund the game? I think that would have been much smaller print runs for all languages
Skyknight wrote:I think they could make all the translations first, then give all the files to their print shop at once with a note how many of which file they need. I think that would still count as one big run with the most print places as the only additional work for them would be 2-3 mouseclicks to open the different files and click on "print that many".
Sadly, it does not work that way. First off, they are not printed, but pressed. (The difference is with press you always get the exact color, in better quality, and with print you will get variations and colors can be off.)

Which means as much that everything they need to press is divided in the 4 CYMK colors. Which means 4 slates have to be made, 1 for each color. For each translation you will need four new slates as you do not press color over another color as it will delude the color (unless you want to create another color this way). So if you want 1 or a 100 of the same card designed and pressed, 4 slates will always have to be specifically made for each of your printouts and that is an expensive part of the process.

So in short for one languague you need 4 slates, but each language adds expensive 4 slates before you can even start pressing.

I understood the translation part was still to be done and you get the pdfs with the translated cards send out to you?

Also don;t forget the excess money they made went into extra's we get, like more ghostbusters, ghosts and equipment cards, so it's not like they made a ton of extra money that is not being used. The extra languages were calculated in the 250k, but probably calculated wrong when they realized not enough people are actually from those countries. In short, it's a huge money sink they are better of using for something else, or might even mean they do not profit from this game at all.

Which is off course, their problem, but do you hate them enough to force them on a translation print that will hurt the small company who brings you GB related stuff big time because they made a mistake?
It will probably hurt them more, if a few hundred people want a full refund now. And I think it will hurt them even more to pull through with this and have forever the reputation of being a company that makes false promises. I wouldn't mind seeing them get banned from kickstarter after this! Because I think people who promise stuff they can't keep shouldn't be allowed there in the first place!
It's not their first big mistake. There's the shipping issue with the first game, then replacing minis for stretch goals instead of adding new ones(without telling upfront) on this one, and the backers of their Walking Dead game told me there have also been problems over there.

It seems like they don't learn from their mistakes and I don't think such people should be in charge of a company at all. I don't know how to lead a company, but I know that I don't know how to lead a company. That's why I don't open my own company.

It's not our fault that they don't know how to do simple calculations. We paid exactly the amount they wanted and got the project funded. Now we want the game that was promised to us in return. Their mistake, their own loss! Simple as that! Where do we get if everyone would turn their own mistakes in someone elses loss? You think that would be fair?
Well, it sounds you are just focussing on the negative. They went back to redesign some figures as well for example, which only cost them money. But they did it to appease the fans. You could say it was their mistake to begin with, but they acted upon it.

Keeping it all in one box instead of filling it out with just a few types of ghosts so you have more of them just feels just as weird to complain about, as I would rather have as few boxes as possible with such a small payoff as you rarely need so many of the same ghost, and you can just use the other designs for variation.

It's your right to complain ofcourse, and you should, but people are downright demonising them without having a good grasp how such a thing could occur (as your solution on how to print demonstrated) and going into Ultimation-mode to threaten to basically end their company or comply.

It feels a bit of an overreaction as they are still looking for another solution while people are doubling down on a mistake. I'm not saying to roll over and agree with everything they change, but threatening to end their company this way just because they got into some kind of trouble seems really harsh while they are giving us new stuff to enjoy.

As a game designer I would think twice before trying to make a new game if fans were so restrictive and unforgiving just because they have a right to be.
Skyknight wrote:It's not our fault that they don't know how to do simple calculations.
Skyknight wrote:Their mistake, their own loss! Simple as that!
That isn't exactly what happened. This isn't a mistake, this is an unfortunate decision they had to take because there wasn't enough demand. The only part of this that is a mistake, was neglecting to include an explanation for what'd happen if they didn't reach the numbers to make the translations viable - and it might not've occurred to the powers that be that they might not get enough people to fully support it, the game as a whole underperformed on Kickstarter compared to the first instalment. :(

I appreciate this is an extremely disappointing development, sadly it's the risk of translating something into a language that isn't the same language as the people making it. :(
Alphagaia wrote:That's exactly why I ask the question, not just to you, but to all the people afflicted. Is this mistake worth it to doom the company?
It looks like a yes, and somehow that makes me even sadder.
I think the company is dooming themselves in this case.

I don't have a dog in this fight, as I didn't get the second board game simply because I don't have enough people to play with and it's boring by yourself.

But yes, the company is the one who doomed themselves here. They made a major mistake. And I don't think it is right to suggest that people should just accept that they can't get the game in the language that they were promised because it's "no big deal" and they "shouldn't want to doom the company" over it. That's a major error, that you honestly seem to be making out to be nothing.

Imagine if they suddenly said, "oh, the game is being produced in China, so you won't get it in English anymore." That would be entirely unacceptable. This is 100% on them, and if it dooms them, then that's their fault, not the fault of people who ordered for "not letting it go."
I would not be surprised if the game was actually produced in China, hehe. Though the government better not know about it as they ban anything with ghosts in it.

I'm not saying it's something that should not be addressed, and I would press them to come with a better solution.
The way some people are grabbing their pitchforks and scream how their rights are violated and they should never be allowed to create games are going to far, imo.
Especially over something like this.I get it's annoying, and a stupid oversight, but not a reason to threaten to break them apart if they find no solution, which they are looking for.

In short, feel free to complain, but don't go overboard.
Kingpin wrote:... the game as a whole underperformed on Kickstarter compared to the first instalment. :(
And why is that? Because many people lost their faith in this company after they'd seen how they handled the first game!
They were already at a point where they couldn't afford to piss off any more people, but still continue to do so.
Alphagaia wrote:The way some people are grabbing their pitchforks and scream how their rights are violated and they should never be allowed to create games are going to far, imo.
I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to create games anymore, they just shouldn't be allowed to use crowdfunding to do so anymore. They can still create games with their own investment and put them out fully finished. No false promises, no high expectations, just putting out a game when it's ready and it'll be what it is! And it will be either good or bad and make them a win or loss. And not a win gained through disappointing others.

And yes, the game is indeed produced in China, as was the first one and all their other games.
They decided to use the shittiest shipping company, which resulted in some people waiting 5-6 months for their game. While retail had it in November some people did not get it until a week before the campaign for the second game started, seeing it in their local stores all the time during the wait.
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