For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
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By gbchef
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Yeah, I bought a trap off him once. It was ok....not totally worth the money. Pictures made it look better than it really was. I ended up redoing everything on it pretty much.
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By evallded
I dont much care for the looks of any of that stuff. Nickatron has a long history here and is a great guy to deal with! Most of his parts are resin and very nice. I have been looking at getting one of his traps myself.
By Creev80
Ok. Heard anything about Benofkents props? Also based in the U.K. I have so far only heard good things. I think he have a Facebookpage.
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By joviaaldreetje
Bought a pack from Officine when it was still Vintagedream on was totally not worth the money. Last time I saw one of his packs was two weeks ago. He had improved but still the quality was poor...

Go for Nick instead man..
By leevenkman
I own a benofkent pack, I highly recommend Benofkent!

I've also purchased many bits off of nickatron & once again, I'd highly recommend.

Look no further than Nickatron or Benofkent.
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