By twmedford23
I made a couple of attempts to dye my leg hose this weekend using RIT. Not having much luck, something suddenly clicked.

Urinary Relief Pills

I know, bear with me. These pills will turn urine dark yellow, almost orange. And you have to be careful not to stain your clothes and toilet. How do I know? :oops:

Anyways, the bottom line is that it works! No need to boil water, use fabric or food coloring, wait for hours or longer. Here's what I did:

1. Fill a plastic container with warm water, enough to cover the hose.

2. Drop in two pills, stir until they start to dissolve.

3. Submerge hose, make sure you're able to get the water inside the hose. It's best to this outside to ensure you don't make a mess. I used gloves and tried to work the solution through the hose for about 10-15 minutes until I was satisfied with the color.

4. Rinse hose with warm water and soap. This part's important because your hose will be sticky afterwards. You may have to do this a couple of times.

5. Enjoy your new leg hose.

A few things to remember. Use gloves!!!! If doing this inside, use an old sheet, plastic tarp, anything. This solution is messy!


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By propcicle
Nice find! I went thought 3 dying attempts before I finally got to a slightly yellowish color. Didn't know if it was just the tubing I was using or something else. Did Rit first, then iodine and Rit again. Last batch was super concentrated and seems to do the job.

I might try this out just to see if it yellows them anymore. Thanks!
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By twmedford23
Thanks, Alan!

Some people have had great success with traditional dyes. I can't seem to get the hang of it. This stuff worked perfectly for my needs. I debated even doing this as I'm going for a more GB2ish look with the uniform and pack but seeing it all put together, the yellow hose just looks right.
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By richcap
THIS WORKS!!!! You can't believe how excited I was when it worked. I tried the Golden Yellow RIT - and nothing happened. This worked almost immediately! Thanks sooo much! I followed instructions and dissolved tablets...and soaked hose for about 30 mins. The result was a light yellow. I tried a second time with new hose - 4 pills for an hour. It def came out darker. Its a bright appears not as a "full" yellow as say, the yellow hose in the GB shop thats for sale. Anyway, HUGE thanks - as I'm working on my first uniform!
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By slicerd1
Resurrecting this thread with my results. I found the pills referenced at walmart and did just like discussed put hot/warm water from the sink into a bucket and threw 4 pills into some water and stirred around with an extra piece of PVC. Let it sit for maybe 10-15 minutes until desired color was achieved. Be warned this will stain anything it touches bucket, PVC, and hands were varying shades of yellow afterwards.

You can see the results below attached to my 3D printed velcro backed leg adapter and the belt loop attachment.
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By Mercifull
Without access to any Azo or equivalent with the active ingredient I thought I'd experiment with some turmeric. I soaked the hose in a warm bath of the spice for about 2 hours. Not bad for a first attempt. I'll give it a second go tonight but this time try to suck some more of the liquid through the pipe as there were a few patches where it didn't stain very much. It's quite a neon yellow as opposed to a warm orange so I might also try a touch of iodine into the mixture as well.

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By wishryder
After two dye failures trying to mix Rit DyeMore "Daffodil Yellow" and "Apricot Orange", and one moderate success (still too bright of yellow), I'd given up on having a screen accurate hose. In looking for some completely unrelated information though, I stumbled upon this thread. I decided to sacrifice the last of my clear tubing, my fallback GB2 clear hose, in order to make one last attempt. I used 2 tabs of store brand Azo in about two gallons of hot water. I checked on it after about 10 minutes, but was a little worried that the color wasn't setting in as dark as I'd hoped, so I dropped two more tabs in and added maybe another gallon of hot water to help those dissolve. About 20 minutes later, the tube is now the exact color I've been looking for (or as close as I'm realistically going to get). So glad I stumbled on this thread. Thank you!
Kingpin wrote:I admit I'm a little squeamish when it comes to matters like this, which makes me ask (partly rhetorically) if there isn't an easier and less gross way?
What part is grossing you out? The use of medicine to dye, or is it simply the word "Urine" being in the product name - much the way that people are averse to the word "moist"? I admit I was mildly embarrassed when I was buying it, so I told the cashier "Evidently dissolving this stuff works as the perfect dye for my Halloween costume. Who knew?"

Who knew, indeed.

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