By tobycj
Tried it tonight and it worked a treat! Got a bunch of Azo tablets left if any UK folk want me to dye hose for them. Just to be clear, this isn't an offer to sell, trade or give the Azo tablets to anyone.
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By Kingpin
Tried it tonight and it worked a treat! Got a bunch of Azo tablets left if any UK folk want hose dying for them.
I should not have to be writing this again only two posts after the last time I'd posted this, but the sharing of medication (even if it's largely harmless) should not be encouraged here.
By tobycj
It wasn't an offer to send anyone the tablets, it was an offer to dye hose for them and post it already dyed. If even that's not allowed feel free to delete the post, absolutely not my intent though! :-| just thought it'd save people the hassle
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By AndFisher
This totally worked. Brilliant. Much easier than sourcing clear yellow hose. I wasn't going to bother with traditional dye and would have lived with clear PVC hose, but I'm so glad I gave this a shot. It was so easy to do. Many thanks to the OP for sharing.
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By TrooperTom
I was going to try and find Rit Dye and I found this post. I was concerned because I’ve heard mixed things about the dye with the hose.
This trick with the urinary pills is amazing!!!
Hose came out awesome! Quick and easy too!

I feel like a scientist 😂
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By Kingpin
FYI, you can get the same results by running some Fiebings Medium Brown leather dye through clear hose for a couple of minutes.
And the upside is it's much more sanitary. :)

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