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By Wafflerobot
I mentioned this in another thread just now but being as i was talking about this DVD set I felt I should post it here. The episode 'Slimer, is that you?' from Box set 1 is the Kath Soucie and Dave Coulier dubbed version for some reason. The remaining episodes of that season/box are all the original Lorenzo Music and Laura Summer versions though.
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By Kid Chameleon
I recently bought the season 1 and 2 set. I'm from the UK and don't speak a word of German but that's fine because the booklet contains translations for all the episode titles. The menu system is very easy to use (all on the one screen); just remember to select English audio before you play any episodes and you're good to go.

My main motivation for buying this was to save wear and tear on my TL set and this seems to serve that purpose. I would prefer it if the DVD fastenings in the case were a bit easier to use (you have to press quite hard and be very careful with the discs at the same time) but the booklet, postcard and stickers are a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, the text in the booklet about the making of the RGB cartoon series is in German but maybe a German speaking Ghosthead with a fondness for translation work can help there.

All in all, a great opportunity for anyone who missed out on the TL set or wants to protect their TL set.

Thank you for such elaborate answer! :)

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