A few people have asked me about my process when building my reboot pack. I will say right now that there are several other builds that are waaaay prettier than mine, but since this is one of those times where sharing information is pretty invaluable, I thought I would share my experience and materials for anyone who might be looking for pointers.

Here is the latest addition to my proton pack family.



I went out and bought my parts as soon as the first trailer hit. I have been excited about the movie for over a year, but as soon as I saw these packs in action I knew I would have to have one.


I’ll start with a parts list (as best I can remember.)

Motherboard from Spongeface. These are incredible. It’s really difficult to begin your build without a motherboard since everything is literally bolted to it. The slots on these makes mounting very easy, but I did have to drill some additional holes, specifically for mounting to my Alice Frame.


Not sure if Doug is going to do another run of these, but Joe Luna is, I believe, and either option is going to set your pack apart, and look amazing.

An Alice Frame isn’t accurate to the movie, but I chose to go with this option, and I was very happy. I painted the frame to bring out some of the copper color from the pack.


Here is the backpack that I harvested the straps from.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Outdoor-Hiking- ... SwhOVXext6

A list of the Hammond Boxes I used and their placements:


A. Hammond 1590N1
B. Hammond 1590N1 (Cut in Half)
C. Hammond 1550A (Under Custom Cover)
D. Hammond 1550Q
E. Hammond 1590N1 (Cut down)

Top to Bottom:
(All 3D printed parts are from Thomas Lemieux.)

(Left Side)
- 3D Printed Top Display Box
- Hammond 1590N1
- Hammond 1590N1 (Cut in Half)
http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... dot/1.html
(The dots come off with some light sanding.)
*Both the lower 1590N1 and the 1550A are supported by long bolts, supports, and Extender Nuts.
- 1/16” Custom Made Bracket
- Custom Made Nuclear Love Box
(Rough measurements. These were tweaked in the final construction.)



- Hammond 1550A
- Custom 1/8” Thick Aluminum Brace
- 3D Printed Lower Display
- 1/16” Thick Aluminum Brace Under Lower Display

(Above Synchrotron)
- 2” by 2” Stainless Bracket (Used to keep drywall corners from suffering damage.)

(Inside Synchrotron)

- One of these things from the hardware store:


- Colander from the Dollar General Store
- Vinyl Tube wrapped Hanging Flower Basket
- 3/16” Copper tubing wrapped.
- Various and sundry wires.

Synchrotron Cage:

http://www.walmart.com/ip/Fox-Run-Craft ... 3=&veh=sem

Lined with Sheet Metal at the bottom.

(Upper Right Corner)

- Custom Valve Bracket


- ½” RUB Valve
- 9 Pin TE Connectivity Connectors
X 2 - http://www.newark.com/te-connectivity-a ... dp/73K4032
X 2 - http://www.newark.com/te-connectivity-a ... eElse_None
X 1 - http://www.newark.com/te-connectivity-a ... BN-44F8389

- Custom Gun Mount Bracket Out of 1/8” Aluminum

“Bumpers” are ½” Copper Pipe.
I used several different connectors:
- 6 X 45 Degree
- 3 X 90 Degree
- 3 X Caps

I went to Shapeways for my top Grill:
http://www.shapeways.com/product/E3UBGH ... d=59321632

(Loved the texture on this.)

(Under Synchrotron)

- Ashcroft Valve attached to Hammond 1550Q
https://www.zoro.com/ashcroft-gauge-pre ... lsrc=aw.ds

- Boot for Ashcroft:
http://www.coleparmer.com/Product/Rubbe ... X-68334-90
- 3D Printed Circuit Board
- Computer Thumb Screws
- Gray Wire Boots
- Various Wires
- Orange USB Cell Phone Charging cable

Red Pointer Knob:
http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... ter/1.html

Blue Pointer Knob:
http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-st ... ace/1.html

The handle with the Caution Stripe on top of the Cryogen Box is a Dowel rod with pipe over it.

Cryogen Box (with built in handle) is 3D printed. Rivets are real rivet heads.

Caution tape came from Lowes.

Rod holding barrel cup is ½” rod. Held on with ½” Split Shaft Collars.

Barrel Cup is ¾” SMC AN500-06 Silencer/ Muffler.

Gun Hose:
http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-3-8 ... /205854141

Wires for Gun Hose:
Home Depot “18-4 UL Sprinkler Wire Burial”
(Pull out rubber insert.)


Gun Body came from Jason Murphy. A work of art!


For the rear handle I used 1” Conduit, for the front Barrel I used a piece of 1 ¼” pipe I found lying around at work. Have no idea what it’s supposed to be used for, but it drilled out easily enough and is pretty lightweight.

For the Gun Grips I used this stuff:

https://www.versimold.com/products/blac ... 3-lbs-puck

It’s easy to use, and very versatile.

Synchrotron lights are 4 of these:


and one of these:


As for the build itself, there was a lot of trial, error, frustration, blood, sweat and tears. I literally have a scar from mounting the MoBo to the Alice Frame. Use caution when drilling through metal and don’t put your arm on the other side!

Here are a few pics of my build process:











A few little things that I would pass along, I re-formed the faraday cage to better match the screen used cage. The weathering is very important for this build. My pics show how the gun goes from a silvery silly thing to a for real proton gun with a bit of weathering.

I am absolutely not saying that this is the be all, end all build thread, or that all this information is 100% accurate. This is just what got me to where I am on this build.

I wanted to give a special mention to Thomas Lemieux for his massive help on this build. I have been able to go to him with help, or advice at every turn. Now go check out his build thread and see how it should be done. :D


If anyone has any questions I would be happy to help in any way I can.
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Thank you all for the kind words! One thing that I noticed a bit too late was that the synchrotron is mounted about 1/2" too low. It messes with the overall look at the top of the pack, but doesn't affect much else. This was definitely a learning experience, and took me back to those ASAP days of pack building in the late 90's. *Sigh* the good old days of hunting through hardware stores when my parents basement always smelled of hot glue. :-D:love:
cpbdogs wrote:Like PeterV3329, I haven't found a motherboard for the new pack. Anyone know where I could get one?
At the moment, JoeLuna and Spongeface have been the people to produce motherboard based on the reboot Packs. I believe Joe is taking interest in a new run, while Spongeface isn't currently taking on any new interest lists.


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