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By Smeghead
Hello, long time no post! (And that's a whole other story...)

So, my long absence aside, my missus surprised me with tickets to the MCM Comic Con at Ex-Cel in London, for this Friday. I know most people prefer the LFCC over MCM, but what can I do when the tickets are already booked? Thought I'd see if any of you fine peeps would be about?

My Proton Pack is still a long way from ready*, but I'm currently debating whether or not to don the jumpsuit (would be the first time in public for me). I'd have to cross all of greater London by tube on my own, as I'd be meeting the missus after work in the early afternoon. While she has a full on Hogwarts school uniform cosplay that she has worn on several occasions, she won't be wearing it for the totally understandable reason of having to change at work. So the potential embarrassment factor is high if I choose to suit up.... though from my limited experience in such things, "staying in character" helps.
If not, I'll probably just go for my geekiest of geek T shirts... "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" (10 internet points to anyone who gets that).

So yeah, anyone about on the Friday? :D

*The pack will be finished, honest guv.
One day.
I've just had far more 'real life' to deal with than I ever thought imaginable.
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