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Hey guys, I'm Andre. I know it has been a LONG time since I have posted here, years actually and I didn't remember my old screen name so I just created a new one. I still always came to the site for news updates and whatnot. Anyways, I was digging around this morning and ran across TWO Ghostbusters coloring books that have NEVER been colored in! I forgot that I had them. Image

From the photo you can tell the "The REAL Ghostbusters" one is in bad shape. I lost the front cover YEARS ago but I took a look and I can say that ALL of the pages are there. Besides the pages of the activity book yellowing, it is in VERY good shape. I know Spook Central used to scan old out of print Ghostbusters stuff and archive it a while back so I decided, hey, someone in the GB community has to have a kid that likes Ghostbusters that would enjoy these printed out to color on, or maybe some of you guys would enjoy them in general so I have already scanned the activity book into photoshop and then completely restored the pages (removed the yellowing) with adobe illustrator! I will be working on the coloring book next but the link below is for the activity book. Enjoy, my friends, and I will post again once I have restored "The Real Ghostbusters" coloring book and got it uploaded.
Here is a slight sample so you know what to expect from the activity book: The sample is SMALL. The actual files are scanned at 300dpi to maintain the quality, so they are HUGE and print well.


24 Pages / 50.4mb / Jpeg / .rar
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By Noremon

I wanted to make a rebus inspired by the activity book for a Hallowe'en activities handout I'm working on [I'm a Community Administrator for the Lifeline Discord Server.]. I gave-up on drawing a deer and used the one from the book along with that style of plus sign.

"Deer ever+RE:+1,"

Image Image

It's basically all Lorem Ipsum right now. My partner & I haven't finished all the activity descriptions so this is just a mockup. We're trying for a cheesy look.
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By Noremon
Your Like just reminded me; We got the handout done and released:
{ ... zEwT3BoWW8 }

The "Ghostbusters" related trivia question I used was:
"How did the "Ghostbusters" banish Gozer the Gozerian in the 1984 movie?
●Give it a Crunch bar
●Cover it in mood slime
●Cross the streams
●Reversed polarity of the vortex
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