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By *NormalGamer*
I was one of the many viewers that watched the show since then in the 90's and despite the the show running on syndication in that decade, it was worth it. Kylie Griffin and Roland Jackson were easily two of my favorite characters because of "Grundlesque" and "The Infernal Machine"; because they're both voiced by Tara Strong and Alfonso Ribiero (A.K.A. Carlton Banks); because they're the most committed and motivated to ghostbusting (for Ky it's her paranormal expertise; for Rollie, it's his love for the ghostbusting equipment and tech); and because of their smarts as Garrett mentioned in "Deadliners". Aside from "Darkness at Noon Part 1 & 2 " and "Back in the Saddle", other episodes like "The True Face of a Monster", "Fear Itself", "Home is where the Horror is", "Casting the Runes", "Ghost Apocalyptic Future", and "Deadliners" are also some of my favorite episodes I love to watch. Had the show gotten a second season years ago, I would've love to see more character development from all 4 EGB characters (especially from Roland, mostly) Fortunately, i'm pleased to see them make their debut appearence in the IDW comics in Get Real #2 when they briefly encountered Proteus.

All in all, even though it's not as popular as RGB, i'm very glad to have seen the show growing up. ^_^
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By philmorgan81
Wow where does the time go. Well I was a freshman in high school and I almost missed this show. I was chatting with a buddy of mine and we were talking movies and tv and of course Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters came up. He said, "Hey are you going to watch that Extreme Ghostbusters show?" He then informed me that the new cartoon was going to air that weekend. I was pretty excited. That weekend I saw the episode Darkness at Noon part 1. It was a great introduction to the series it was a decent follow up to The Real Ghostbusters. After Darkness at Noon part 2 it did a great job showing us the new status quo of the show. Egon was a terrific mentor in this series. I originally was very hard on this show from it's tone, the characters and the designs of the new equipment. I also felt it was odd that Garrett could go out in the field to catch Ghosts, but Egon can't because he was too old. Which became even stranger when it was revealed later that Egon was only 39. That aside when the episode Sonic Youth premiered and when the containment was breached I got real excited to see Egon dawning the Extreme Proton Pack and wrangling ghosts like the old days .;)

After that episode I kept watching the series in anticipation that Egon would strap on a Proton Pack every once in awhile. All that watching paid off because he did wind up suiting up in some of my favorite episodes. This is a list of the episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters that I found really enjoyable.

Darkness at Noon 1-2
Fear Itself
Casting The Runes
Home is Where the Horror Is
Sonic Youth
Ghost Apocalyptic Future
The Crawler
Till Death Do We Start
Heart Of Darkness
Slimer's Sacrifice
In Your Dreams
Glutton for Punishment
Dog Days
A Temporary Insanity
The Sphinx
Witchy Women
Back in the Saddle 1-2

Out of the 40 episodes these 23 are my favorite. I definately warmed up to this series even more when Ray, Peter and Winston showed up at the end of the series. It was worth sitting through the series to get to Back in the Saddle. I am so glad they used 2 episodes to showcase this team up.

Like you Normal Gamer I am very happy to see these characters incorporated in the comic book. Kyle and Eduardo's appearance in the Prime Universe and the Extreme Ghostbusters appearance in Ghostbusters Get Real and Ghostbusters Annual 2 left me with hopes that we haven't seen the last of the Extreme Team. :) :) :)
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By *NormalGamer*
Like you Normal Gamer I am very happy to see these characters incorporated in the comic book. Kyle and Eduardo's appearance in the Prime Universe and the Extreme Ghostbusters appearance in Ghostbusters Get Real and Ghostbusters Annual 2 left me with hopes that we haven't seen the last of the Extreme Team. :) :) :)
Agreed. Much like with the ATC team, they, too, deserve to make their mark in the lore. ^_^
By Peter Venkman Jr.
My introduction to Extreme Ghostbusters came in 1999, when the Sci Fi channel aired reruns. I was instantly hooked, since I had really enjoyed The Real Ghostbusters and I was very excited to see a new cartoon follow in its footsteps. I soon purchased several of the action figures, the Ecto 1 and two of the VHS tapes. I also own the Gameboy Advance video game, which took me about three years to find. I really liked the art style of the show and how well the characters were written. Eduardo and Kylie are my two favorites of the team. Eduardo for his wise cracks and and Kylie for her knowledge of the paranormal and quiet personality.

It was a shame that the show only lasted one season, had it been on Saturday mornings I feel that it would have faired better ratings wise. Also more promotions defiantly would have helped as well. I still have not seen every episode, which is partly why I am hoping for a complete series DVD release soon.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
@ Fearless Freak, Yes the first 13 episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters on DVD in Region 2. I am hoping at some point that all 40 episodes get a release. If you ask me this is only fair since many other cartoons that only got one season have DVD releases somewhere in the world.
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By toby88
I remember first discovering the show. My sister said there was a Ghostbusters show on, this was early morning, getting ready for school. I flew down the stairs to catch the no ghost logo on the tv screen during the intro, right before they cut to commercial.

As a kid who was obsessed with GB, I was thrilled to discover this show. It was dark, it was different, it was a great GB spinoff. I dont know why EGB gets a bad rap.

I remember my mom buying ALL the EGB Trendmasters figures from K-Mart and putting them on layaway for my BDay. I wish the series had a proper send off/final episode.

I really hope Diamond does an EGB Series, that would be full circle for me.

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