The latest updates to the Ghostbusters Fans site.
By GBFans
We're bringing you the latest updates to the Ghostbusters Fans Shop. We've had a few changes in the past week and wanted to let you know!

Here are the newest products, and products that have recently come back in stock:

Uniform: No Ghost 1 Style Patch - Pre-Order!- Expected Oct. 30th 2017


Uniform: GB1 Name Tag Patch - In Stock!


Uniform: Chemical Gloves - In Stock!


Pack: Orange Hat Light Lens - In Stock!


Pack: White Hat Light Lens - In Stock!


If there are any items you need specifically, or want to be notified about, please add products to your wishlist. The wishlist can be found here:

You can also reply here with any questions!
By Megahurtz
Why do my orders keep slipping further and further away? They've missed their ship dates several times now.

I ordered an Alice frame on 9/4 and will be lucky if it actually ships on 10/23. Far more than the 10 day lead time the store listing indicates.

I also ordered a set of cyclotron and power pack lenses on 9/9 and they still say also say shipping on 10/23. I'm beginning to doubt I'll actually have them by Halloween.

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