For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
By Greybow4
Just wanted to ask around if there might be any Ghostbusters checking this site from Austria. I'm American, finishing my first suit and pack builds, and I don't see any 'Ghostbusters Austria' or 'Ghostbusters Oesterreich' presence on the web or social media. I'd be game to start a chapter here in Vienna if there is any other interest; and, there are some great networks nearby from Ghostbusters Deutschland and Ghostbusters Italia.
By Greybow4
Torwen wrote:I‘m from the vienna area :)
That's great! I thought maybe I was the only one here. Will you go to Vienna Comic Con on 18-19 Nov?
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By Dentman13
Very long time reader, first time poster.

My name is Chris an I‘m from Steiermark (Styria).

Currently working on a Benofkent-pack with TC-wand, Rabid Prototype electronics with Fincher vent-kit. After building a pack from scratch nearly 25 years ago, it‘s time for a „real“ prob! is an extraordinary great platform for research and I wanna thank all the members which shared their projects!
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By Greybow4
Hi Chris!

Nice to meet you! There are a small group of us in Austria (that I know of). Perhaps we should consider making our own Franchise haha! Will send you a private message to chat more.

And hopefully see you at Vienna Comic Con 17-18 November, with Ernie Hudson!

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