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By LordVigo82
Egon states that the ghosts came over with Aunt Lois's ancestors from regardless of the type of ghost they are, why are they confined to that room?

One even leaves with Dr. Basingame at the end. Again, how?
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By MasterOod
I don’t know how much folklore the writers researched, but in Slavic lore domovye (or domovoi) can abandon the family or domus for a variety of reasons. Some examples Include feeling neglected if they’re not “cared for” with gifts of food, or becoming overwhelmed by a family’s slovenly practices. This was seen as a major catastrophe for the family, as there was usually only one such spirit in a home, and it channeled good fortunes for the family.

If we suggest that the writers did some digging, the one domovye that left with Basingame might have felt slighted by the intrusion of either Basingame or the Ghostbusters. The reason he left with Basingame could relate to his poltergeist-like tendencies to cause mischief in an attempt to affect change.

However, it was the 80s, and the writers might have simply liked the joke that the “Jake Kong” quack couldn’t take care of really busting ghosts, and was so very bad at it he actually took one home . . . and didn’t consider the issues with “canonical” lore. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, after all.

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