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By joepodell
Frame is just cheap "fancy" moulding from Home Depot with a layer or two of gold and black spray paint.
Plaque was just a cheap Amazon order. Looks screwed in, but just mostly hot glue holding it and the screws on.
I call this Phase 1. Phase 2, if I ever get around to it, might be something that will run a Raspberry Pi with motion detection. I'll chop up the video into smaller loops and have the motion trigger them to play, so it might be a little more interactive. That is probably my limit in terms of effort/programming.
Phase 3, in my dreams, would to make it even more interactive. But would need outside programming help for that.
Will hopefully get some good video of it in action this weekend at a Con.
If I could ever check out your video files, let me know. I'd like to see how they fit this frame. Love the moving background you put in them!
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By Mercifull
I posted a link to your profile wall because your account doesn't have access to DMs yet. It's just a looping animation at the moment. I have a Raspberry Pi running Videolooper which when turned on just plays the file over and over again like a digital billboard on a simple monitor via HDMI. There's nothing particularly special about it, no sound, and it's only 720p. In hindsight, there's a fair bit I'd have done differently but it does the job and I've moved on to other projects now. Maybe one day I'll revisit it in the future.
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