By Alex Newborn
Would it be possible to see an iteration of this, done in MATTE black?

I was going through some of the various drafts of the scripts the other day, and noticed that at least one of them said matte black.

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By One time
I missed this thread, it's awesome! I'd love to see more sketches of the original Ecto 1.

Some points the original script mentions:

-It was a 1975 Cadillac Superior not a '59 Miller Meteor
-It was matte black
-It featured white and purple UV (blacklight) emergency lights on the light bar
-It was a "darker" concept than the one we got and looked creepier. (Not just in terms of it's color)
-It featured an "ethereal purple glow".

My own thoughts:

-I think it would have been all matt black and sinister looking. No purple bands, no clean manufacturing decals.

-No bright logo. I think moogly would have been different, less bright and less "consumer friendly" than the current one. It would have featured red I think but perhaps dirty red with purple highlights and a silver or gray ghost instead of white. And the ghost would have definitely not been a kid friendly Casper lookalike.

-The roof equipment would not have featured bright colors but a much more dirty and subdued pastel palette.

-It makes sense that they went for a 1959 Miller Meteor when they decided to make the original concept less sinister and more "friendly". The '59 Miller Meteor has more round "friendly" shapes and bulges, as opposed to the angular '75 Superior.

The current Ecto is bright and cartoony (in a way) the original was dark, moody and sinister. I wish I could paint. I'd draw a concept image of it parked next to a park at night with the surrounding fog mixing in with it's purple UV glow and it's weird spindly and gawky antennae on its roof.
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By SpaceBallz
I thought the original concept was an actual hearse? There's concept art somewhere unless it was fan made.
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By Macktacular
I know it'd be quite the project to actually make a car based on Aykroyd's original idea, an idea that only made it onto paper but... man I often think about how neat it'd be to actually see it in something someday. Like in a comic where the 'busters cross over with a parallel universe and that's the ride there, or an alternate costume unlock in a video game.

You did a pretty snazzy job Mike, thanks.

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