Update: 13/2/2019
The initial release of "Build the Ghostbusters Ectomobile" has proven to be a trial release, to investigate the potential market. The range is currently suspended at issue 2. The Eaglemoss website is presently predicting a launch this summer.

Collectibles company Eaglemoss has published a website featuring a new "Build the Ghostbusters Ectomobile" collection, similar to a replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean previously released by the company.

The details of the model/collection are as follows:
•1/8 scale - 31½ inches/80cm in length - 9.9 inches/25cm in width
•The first issue is priced at £1.99*, the second at £4.99, the third issue (and each subsequent) will be priced at £8.99 - The issues will be released on a rate of four per month.
•Illuminated lightbars, spotlights, beacon, headlights and taillights
•Opening passenger doors and hood
•Working windows
•Removable Proton Pack gurney
•Colour magazine with each issue, detailing the car and the people responsible for making the films.

There will also be additional gifts for subscribers to the collection:
•Free additional issue (with first installment)
•Magazine binder (with first installment)
•Ecto-1 replica licence plate (with third installment)
•Ecto-1 baseball cap (with sixth installment)
•T-Shirt (with eigth installment)
•Mirrored display base (with tenth installment) - Which can be upgraded to include a transparent cover

It should be noted that DeLorean kit from Eaglemoss was estimated to reach a final completion cost of around £1,168, placing the construction at roughly 32-months on the four-issue-per-month cycle. Fans looking to collect this series should prepare for a similar cost and gestation period. This model is also based on the car's appearance following the 2008 restoration.

An official date has not yet been released for the Build the Ghostbusters Ectomobile collection. GBFans will provide an update when it becomes available.
*Details on whether the collection will become available in the United States aren't presently known, however it is likely it will be advertised at a later date, like the company's Star Trek titles.
I was considering buying into the Eaglemoss BTTF Delorean. It's a very highly detailed model and hey, it would be a fun thing to look forward to every month. I joined the Build group on Facebook and saw a lot of guys making mods to upgrade the model. Really cool stuff!

But then I started seeing the posts about subscriptions not coming in on time, backorders every moth for some subscribers, parts broken or missing. For what you're paying out for the model, I would think they would have anticipated the demand better, or at least ramped things up when the demand increased. Not sure what the overall issue is, but I would be very leary to order any Eaglemoss subscription models.
The Mattys are probably 1/12 scale, I figure you'd probably need a figure around 9 inches, so it's probably too big for the diamond figures fire house. Was excited at first when they said roughly 31 months around $10 an Issue. Then kingpin had to crush my dreams and inform us it's 4 issues a month.. Was kinda hoping DST was going to put out an ecto to fit they're 7" but it sounds like it will be 1/18
djsparky wrote: September 13th, 2018, 10:58 am So for less money, you could buy the Blitzway 46" long Ecto-1 already built, with 45 lights, and sound.
While i agree that that will be the case for North American customers. It’s definitely not the case for us here in the UK. The Blitzway Ecto would set us back £1600 while the eagle moss version is working out about £900. Also considering the Blizway would be to big for most British home the eaglemoss version make for an attractive alternative.
tobins78 wrote: September 14th, 2018, 11:45 am I think both are too big for my home but that ain't stopping me!

I'm worried that £900 is too optimistic...

Yeah, I think it’ll end up costing more then that tbh. Someone on one of the FB groups called eaglemoss and they said it would be 100 issues. But I could well see it being more.

But If they do stick to the 100, the first issue is £1.99. The second is £4.99 and the remaining 98 are £8.99 each. Making a total of £888.
IDK , if the DeLorean was £1,168, it wouldn't make sense that a third bigger ecto would be cheaper. You should really be figuring around £1500 / $2000. The ecto is just so much bigger then the DeLorean and just as / or more elaborate. However the kits look excellent and Building it seems fun. For what alot of people spend on coffee a month, you could own an ecto-1.. Not sure if I like the fact it will take a couple of years and looks very time consuming. With owning 1/6 figures, blitzways ecto is very appealing, but do you do with a 4' ecto 1. It would take up a whole desk
I'm a Marvel Chess subscriber (US based) and I've been extremely disappointed with Eaglemoss' customer service and the whole experience. It sounds like a cool project, but for the price, I'm going to wait until I hear some other people's experience.
I really want a 1:10 scale Ecto-1. I've packed away the Mattel line and need an Ecto-1 in scale with my eventually to be completed fire house. The only reason I even bought the Mattel line was because I thought it was as good as we'd get. I'm happy with the balance of cost and likeness that Diamond gives us, but not being able to get an in scale Ecto-1 is really bothersome.

It's great that this kit will be available, but 1:8 scale is just too big for the figures. I suppose it could be close enough for a diorama display, but if they have issues with getting people their product unbroken I'd be weary of it.
apiranio86 wrote: October 2nd, 2018, 11:29 pm How can I get that shipped in the United States when trying to make a order it only gives you the country option for U.K.
It's U.K.-only at the moment as it's a test run. You can try see if copies of it have been listed on eBay U.K, but don't forget that this run may not go into full production.
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Yeah! In all honesty these aren’t worth the expense of buying and shipping to the US just yet. Being a test run, we’ll get 3-4 issues then it’ll disappear for 6-18 months. It’ll then get a full release starting at issue 1 again. Probably with some changes to the parts in the test run. If this get a full UK release, a US one will follow.

This is the pattern eaglemoss did for their DB5, Delorean and pretty much everything else they’ve ever released.
The side windows appear a bit taller than how I remember them, that may be what's setting off your "hinky" sense.

Beyond that, the Ghostbusters logos are missing the black backing (and the one on the rear door is really lop-sided in its placement), the licence plates are more yellow - they should be closer to orange, the lightbars also look a little short in height compared to their width.

The video was published around the middle of November, I wonder if that's an indication of whether Eaglemoss are planning to go ahead with the project.

Edit: The Ecto-1 listing on the Eaglemoss website mentioned a launch planned for this summer.
Well, that makes sense since they used the restoration for reference. Light bar aside, it looks really amazing. They do need to fix the small issues with logos and license play color though, but it is just a prototype.

Too bad its a kit that requires assembly and will take like 2 years to complete. Plus it is basically be a more expensive and smaller version of the Blitzway car (that is still coming out, right?).

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